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serenade_beta 2008-05-22 22:23

Summon Night series
Yeah, like the title says.
I figured that it would feel somewhat pointless making a single thread for different Summon Night games, so, just like the Fire Emblem thread, I decided that one thread is fine. Feel free to discuss about any game in the series, from the normal Summon Nights to Swordcraft Story.

One random note first. Summon Night 2 will be remade and released for the DS sometime in the 4th quarter, if I remember correctly. Either way, later in the year.

Anyways, a review for Twin Age. Because of the length (partially to release frustration), I'm covering with it in a spoiler tag, but there are no story spoilers right away, so open without worry. The actual spoilers are covered in a spoiler tag in the first spoiler tag.

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