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oompa loompa 2008-05-25 14:35

well like the title says, im looking for a show with action, and romance. the only three that i can say that fit this category are inuyasha, fmp, and shakugan no shana. notably, they do all have high-school main characters, but if thats not the case its fine too. for shonen that dont fit this category, naruto, bleach , etc. dont fit at all. simply put action + some romance

ah oops.. i guess i should add my list as well, well the ones that are likely to be recommended for this genre anyways

inu yasha
fmp tsr
rurouni kenshin

kaze no stigma (turned out pretty bad)

without making the list too long, i have seen elfen lied, fma, and higurashi, in the event of those two being mentioned.

mm yeah your right qtip, now ive made it so that fma comes with the other mentions. also its really fine if its not in school, im open to suggestions all the same..

Telmah 2008-05-25 15:05

If Inuyasha qualifies as romance, then I should be able to round up a few good suggestions. I've not seen the other two, so I'll rely on it.

Utawarerumono is show that is interesting primarily because the main character isn't a kid but an adult and treats life accordingly...thinking things through more, having regrets, and slowly stepping into relationships even. The plus side to this is largely, that since so much of the focus is on more complex personalities, the character development is much stronger in this show, than in most that are similar. On the action side, there's not only personal duels and fights, but large mass scale battles.

The Tsubasa Chronicles. A rather long series, and the action is lacking in the gore department due to the animation studio Beetrain (renown for Hack series animation). The OVAs are quite ... shocking and violent, as they are made for a different company.

Spoiler for Romance for Tsubasa:

The Vision of Eschaflowne perhaps? It is a very shonen anime, with plenty of action, the only catch is the main character is female. Don't let the poorly (perhaps one of the worst) drawn dragon in the first episode make you miss this.

Claymore doesn't have a large focus on romance, but there's a tiny bit. At least as much as Inuyasha. has plenty of. Don't let it fool you, the story really start at episode 5 and the new few episodes are amazing. The ending is weaker than I would have liked however.

Spoiler for Romance--Claymore:

Ranma 1/2 is made by the same manga writer as Inuyasha. It is more comedy, but it also blends romance and fighting. It is dated in animation style, from the early 90's, but still pretty good. The anime is very hit and miss...really good and really bad episodes.

Scrapped Princess has wonderful amazing fight scenes and the plot will keep you going. The romance takes the back seat for most of the show, but there's certainly some there.

Tales of Symphonia is a 4 part OVA, based on the game of the same name. It has decent fight scenes and there's romance...and the loss of it as a major motif.

Zero No Tuskaima...aka Zero's Familiar. It is set in a land of magician-nobles, and the main heroine is summoning a familiar (aka magical companion)...most get cool animals, dragons, salamanders, and the like...while she gets a human for the real world. Commence action/romantic tension. There's a second season as well, though I haven't seen it personally.

KholdStare 2008-05-25 15:53

I second InuYasha. Sure it's repetitive as hell, but since it actually ends, it's much easier to watch than your modern shounen series. (aka Naruto and Bleach)

One series that I place at the very top of my anime list is SaiKano, a beautiful romance drama. The art might be not so appealing though, but it's the plot that counts, right? :heh:

There's always Elfen Lied too. :rolleyes:

qtipbrit 2008-05-25 17:26

Oi, Shana was adapted from a seinen novel, and Fullmetal Alchemist has less romance than Bleach anyway.

If you liked Full Metal Panic!, you'll probably also like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which is similar in that it's an action/comedy with a touch of romance, but the characters aren't in high school (though they're high school age.)

Fate/Stay Night is similar to Shakugan no Shana; some of its main characters in high school, it has a mildly similar premise, and it has action and romance.

incube 2008-05-25 18:18

There are 3 thread already about the same request (one of them mine)..

This is the list i would recommend:

Fate Stay Night
Zero no Tsukime
Elemental Gelade
Busou Renkin
Eureka 7

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