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Lazure 2008-05-31 15:08

Converting & Burning Anime Questions
Ok, so far, the ONLY program I can convert/burn fansubbed anime to DVD with that keeps audio/video in sync properly is "ConvertX-to-DVD 3". This works just fine for say, AVI files (Xvid and so on). However, some fansub groups use MKV or OGM format, which has subtitles on their own track instead of embedded in the video.

ConvertX screws this up, and the resulting DVD has subtitles that are either too large (regardless of the settings I tell it to use), or do not work properly when more than one set of subtitles appear at the same time.

So, I am wondering, what is the best and easiest to obtain program to convert MKV files to AVI and embedding the subtitles into the video so I can burn DVDs with functioning subtitles?

I am simply wanting to burn DVDs of anime so they can be played in a standard DVD player, but keeping the subtitles from MKVs intact and appearing as they should be. That's the glaring problem, at the moment. I have -no- problem with AVI encodes at all.

Eviltape 2008-06-02 15:48

Is ConvertX able to use Avisynth as the source? Or, rather, uses DirectShow to decode videos(you see ffdshow, VSFilter, etc on the taskbar when it encodes)? If so, then install Avisynth and give DirectShowSource("C:\The Path\to\Video.File") in an .avs a shot. Should work fairly well except for overscan; the other threads in this forum would help you with that.

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