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Gundampilotspaz 2008-06-02 23:10

The Last Days Of Dr. Wily
The Last Days of Dr. Wily Follow Link for Video.

Ever wonder why Dr. Wily is so bad at killing Megaman? Well the comedy group Old Rich People decided to attempt to answer that very question. You have to think that he was absolutely running out of ideas when Dust Man attempt to take out the Blue Bomber, but it seems it wasn’t his fault. Like most super villains Dr. Wily suffers from an underpaid undermotivated staff.

When Dr. Wily does take the helm Megaman doesn’t stand a chance!

Tornix 2008-06-03 17:18

:heh: :heh: That was great! It's amazing how weak Megaman is if he's faced with giant spikes and bottomless pits.

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