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Terrestrial Dream 2008-06-05 21:20

The official campaign for under appreciated animes
About The Campaign
This thread is create to campaign for many of the under appreciated animes. Any members could participate in this and help the campaign. This is not a competition of any sort and there will be no type of deadline of any sort.
The Rules For The Campaign
1. The requirement of the anime is that if it came out in 2005 then it must have less then 30pages. Or the anime must have less than 40 review in Animenfo's list*.
2. The person does not have to make a sig. Instead either they could request the sig from other members, but they must give credit to that preson.
3. In order to participate the members must post about the anime and why people should watch it. The post should also be linked to sig that they are using for campaign.
4. Multiple sigs could be used for one anime but all of the sig should be link to a single post. Also multiple people could also use the same sig to campaign.
5. If there are only few people campaigning the person could ask for help by pming me and I will post the members name and th anime that they are campaigning for.
6. This thread is not for the discussion and the only thing that is allowed to post is about the anime that they campaigning for. For the discussion about the rules and other subjuet post in this thread.**

*If someone has a better source then I will change the requirement.
**The reason is that I am trying to avoid confusion and mess for this thread.

Terrestrial Dream 2008-06-05 21:21

Help Request

Terrestrial Dream 2008-06-05 21:22

*reserved for any change in the future*

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