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susanoo 2008-06-11 08:24

Visual Novel project in need of personell~
ok, to make a long story short, I have started a visual novel project which has died for some time as the former personell are going MIA before even start to really work seriously yet... and i feel that throwing out this project is kinda hm...

now the positions that extremely need to be filled are :
- scriptwriter (possibly renpy experienced, if not don't worry I'll guide you personally)
- CG artists (will need more than 1 person : character set - background artists - effect artist - etc) I'll be a little picky on this position.

and the position that's definitely needed but can come later :
- BGM and SE composer (those who compose background music and create sound effects)

and some extras that would be nice to have :
- VOCALOID user (to create songs ofc)
- renpy programmer (programmers are always welcomed as it's always nice to have a dignified and personalized game style)

for more info please visit :

the official project forum is there and many details of the projects are explained there.

if any of you are interested in helping, feel free to contact me in any way you are comfortable with. ^^

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