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xris 2008-06-11 09:21

Spice and Wolf (Seasons 1 & 2) is Licensed
UPDATE: On 23 May 2009, Funimation announced (ANN) that it would be distributing the first season of Spice and Wolf. Since the series was already removed from the site, the only impact is a continued reminder that you may not provide links to downloads for any shows that cannot be listed on the AnimeSuki site proper.

UPDATE 2: At Anime Boston 2010, Funimation announced that they have licensed the second season of Spice and Wolf.

While Spice and Wolf has not yet been licensed we have received a C&D from Kadokawa Pictures USA, we therefore won't be listing fansubs of this series here on AnimeSuki anymore.

Please note that Kadokawa are acting on the behalf of the Japanese IP owners, Kadokawa Pictures USA themselves do not license such series but act as a master licensor, a middle-man who sells on the license to (typically) American anime companies.

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