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TaiwaneseKai 2004-02-06 08:09

Suggestions on Good ACTION!
Hi, i need some god suggestions for ACTION animes...i really like Naruto, and One im looking for more =)

I like..SWORDS *BIG* swords! and i like...lots of FIGHTING...and....or Maybe some GUNS involved....lots of flips and real good kung fu style...*and guns*....i like semi-gory, not like..*bam* and blood squirts everywhere...just semi gory where they actually show a medium blood..

AND it has to have a good story that keep sme HOOKED, hunterxhunter's story kinda killed me off in the first few episodes...anyways i need a GOOD storyline....oh yes, i LOVED HAJIME NO IPPO!!!! I MEAN LOVED!!!

PS: *****if anyone can tell me where i can download Hajime No Ippo starting from episode 1, ill love you :cool: =) i really really like hajime no ippo, and never finished it, so PLEEASE tell me where i can download it, i would like to know where GTO is, too, thanks*****

wnkryo 2004-02-06 08:32

A good series for you to try (if you havn't already seen it) is Cowboy Bebop. Here is a quick link to the review I gave it:

And you can find great series like GTO and Hajime no Ippo on a little program called:

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