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kapaostudios 2003-11-03 20:16

kapao's sketches and stuff
i decided to make this thread for all my sketches and projects i'm working on so i can get critiques and stuff on it b4 i start keep in mind that these are scaled down sizes of the sketches and not really the full image. hehehe k enjoy! (finished!)
finished for artist challenge 9 i think? its a soul caliber contest.

i'm begining work on this tonight
soemthing i came up with a cute cupid
the bad ass version hahahahha
iono i call him a mummy cuz hes wrapped up in bandages
this is something i did long long ago never had a chance to color it....... i think i'm gonna do this after my naruto project and use it for my id (yup thats me!)

sorry fellas i guess for now just copy and paste........ sorry :upset:

OFFSPRiNGCo16 2003-11-03 20:59

heh I like them :) Very nice sketches. :p

galadriel 2003-11-03 21:21

:bow: damn u're good

keep em coming...would love to see more of ur work :p

@Naruto@ 2003-11-03 21:34

Loving those sketches. (Chant) "We want more, we want more" :heh: :love:

uglypigs 2003-11-03 21:36

nice stuff man, keep up the good work.

gravitation 2003-11-03 22:05

cool as always!! i like the sora one alot and the one with the guy sleeping ^_^ cute!

Kireiko 2003-11-03 22:48

atashi mo! your sketches are very nice, especially that sora one! ^__^*

Sakura-chan 2003-11-03 23:14

Kapao, I have seen them all already. :upset:
But it's cute again!!! :D

Mundain 2003-11-04 09:17

Im diggin em, post more :)

<^UmAyR^> 2003-11-04 20:12

Nice work man, keep up the good work :D

hinata-chan 2003-11-05 00:28

Ooh, very nice sketches. :D

Tzurial 2003-11-05 00:36

Ah, theyre good, you have a very individualized style! And I like your skill with clothes...good job!

dot|hack 2003-11-05 00:43

Great job!! Love the cloth folds!!

kapaostudios 2003-11-10 18:52

i'm updating this thread today i just finished the soul caliber fanart piece i'm gonna scan some sketches of my new characters im using for a manga im' gonna do.

o yea the the pics on the topic post, the first post hehehe iono what u call it

Mizu Shinobi 2003-11-10 19:36

:bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow: :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
nuf said

kapaostudios 2003-11-12 15:52

updated with 3 sketches (cupids, mummy) i was bored last night so here yall go i was listening to outkast andre 3000 and decided to do a lil cupid thingy hehehehe hope yall like

gravitation 2003-11-12 17:27

Those "cupid" and "mummy" drawings are realllly sweet man! they are kool ^___^ the mummy guy looks kool and i like how he is looking up and i like the bandages idea (good looking also) :) and for the girl she just looks plain old kool and cute ^__^

Sovelia 2003-11-12 20:55

Damn I love that stuff =)

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