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SKoRPioN9x 2004-02-06 23:33

Haibane Renmei Doujinshi
In August, I purchased the Haibane Renmei volume 1 DVD with the box, having no idea what it was. I watched it and really like the series. It's one of my favorites. Anyway, I have also found out about the Haibane Renmei doujinshi that Yoshitoshi ABe created before it was turned into an anime. I have been looking for it, but have been unable to find it anywhere.

Well today, I found them for $20.00 each (there are four of them) plus $20 more for shipping. That will be a total of $100.00 for four 30 page ("pre-owned, but in good condition") doujinshis. My question is this: Is it worth it? Is the doujinshi rare enough to spend $100.00 on? If not, perhaps could someone point me to a place where I can get them for less?

Thanks for any help :).

AnimeFangirl 2004-02-07 00:31

No idea how much that would be worth. I think a certain group scanslated the first doujinshi of Haibane Renmei, so it might be worth your while to download it and look at it and if you think you'd spend $100 to own them, then that's fine. Let's see, it was a group called A-M. That would be Akatsuki-Manga, I suppose. You could also try and contact the scanner of the doujin and find out where he got them from and for how much.

SKoRPioN9x 2004-02-07 00:34

I have the scanslated version of all of them. I just think it would be great to actually own them :). That's why I want to buy them. I'm the kind of person who likes to own authentic stuff. So I'll buy CDs instead of downloading mp3s, and I buy anime when it comes out, instead of only keeping the fansubs or buying bootlegs :).

SKoRPioN9x 2004-02-20 21:21

Well I ended up buying them, and they arrived today! Although the auctions (they were on Ebay) said "Used but in good condition", they don't appear used at all :D. And the seller is from a site that sells doujinshi (link removed)... they are also there - for $40 each. So I got them for half price :D. I'm going to buy some more Yoshitoshi ABe doujinshi from that site when I get more money. :)

ElvenPath 2004-02-21 06:32

Please keep in mind that while discussing doujinshi is tolerated, posting links to sites that sell hentai doujinshi isn't.

SKoRPioN9x 2004-02-21 12:57

Ok, sorry... I'm not gonna argue with you about it or anything, but I'm just curious... why are they not allowed? Doujinshi is perfectly legal in Japan, I believe.

ElvenPath 2004-02-21 13:44

We have a no-hentai policy here at AnimeSuki, the site you linked was a hentai doujinshi shop. Anyway, just be more careful next time :)

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