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scotty81 2004-02-07 03:32

How does an Group choose its projects
I was wondering how a group chose its projects.
I mean how do you hear about it, do you guys all have japanese tv, or do you get the tip from other people, and when you choose a show, do you also check how many teams already have the project or not ?

crumja 2004-02-07 03:56

Most groups do what they enjoy. Basically, they obtain a list of shows airing now or in the next season and decide what's good. I think Jasconius's site has good info about each show. It's at

Certain groups avoid shows that are being oversubbed.
Others don't care.
Finally, a select few take on the most subbed projects (CC, FMPF) and do it super fast.

Lucier 2004-02-07 05:08

Most groups just do what their TLs wanna do..
if you don't have a TL for it, it won't get done...

and I generally choose after watching...

Sun_Tze 2004-02-07 07:05

Mainly we fight each other to death until one of the fansub member's idea gets accepted... (Just kidding)

Crumja and Lucier mainly said how we fansub groups choose the anime to sub

lomeando 2004-02-07 09:51

A lot of times one of us has a show we dearly want to see subbed, and we'll go try to recruit a translator that's interested, or talk to friends to find a joint if none of ours are. This has worked for us approximately: 0 times.

It almost worked for Happy Lesson OVA 4, but the series was licensed before the translator we found actually produced a script. Which is just as well. Less work for us.

Tofusensei 2004-02-07 11:26

we pull names out of a hat. :D


Captain Hamsack 2004-02-07 11:32

In our case, we subtitle an old show that is very near to our hearts.

Takarajima aired on South African Television (and it aired numerous times in Germany) in the late 80's, early 90's.
So we decided to track this anime down, and since there are NO plans whatsoever to license it in America, we decided to start translate and subtitle it.

complich8 2004-02-07 14:43

we have our translators make a list. Then we give that list to one of our more tech-savvy people, who puts it into his computer. His computer automatically searches the web and translates all the information it can find about the series to usable data, and compiles that data into statistical rankings of what series should be done. We go by those exclusively. It's all the power of computars.

(or not)

It's the translators and the group leaders who come up with ideas, but the whole crew is involved in making the decisions. Since we have a huge crew, we can have projects that different people in the group like or hate without too much trouble. It's really pretty ad-hoc how we end up doing stuff... no real set method or anything, but it works.

Tellu54 2004-02-07 21:13

We go to moonphase, look at what's coming out, and say, "Ooh, that looks cool!"

aceleader 2004-02-09 23:23

The sad thing is that most of the 'joke replies' are probably what actually happens with some of the gorups out there -_-

Umbrae 2004-02-09 23:40

when a fan sub is formed they get a magic anime ball. similar to a magic 8 ball. basicly you shake it and it tells you what series to sub. ignoring the magic anime ball will bring misfortune only imagined in chain letters.

Ok it's not true, but it is a nice therory.

scotty81 2004-02-10 10:02

do some receive pressure from any other group do discourage them of subbing the same show ?

holyangel 2004-02-10 12:21


Originally Posted by scotty81
do some receive pressure from any other group do discourage them of subbing the same show ?

*Me Look Across The Room...* I don't think I'm allowed to voice out about my experience on that issue... but it sure weren't nice for us... :heh:

Elepsis 2004-02-10 13:06

Some groups are ethical enough to avoid picking up a project when they see another competent group working on the series or search out the group and propose a joint. As far as pressure, that doesn't really happen as much unless a group cuts in on a series (starts subbing it from an episode other than the first), which generally tends to seriously piss off the other group(s) working on said series.

LBW 2004-02-10 13:16

Well I only work on manga, but we just pick something we like.

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