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Terrato 2008-07-12 00:58

Help finding (Shoujo or Romance)/Comedy
Im looking for any anime that has shoujo, romance, comedy, harem and anything that doesnt "look ancient" ie. Maria Sama ga Miteru. I've seen it and could barely take it. I've seen things like:
-Nagasarete Airantou
-Suzumiya Haruhi
-Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
-Many others(LAZY, :( sry)

Anyways if you could help me out that would be awesome hopefully i could finally get some good answers. Yahoo question thing is HORRIBLE :frustrated:

Thanks again for any help :)

Arkuatic 2008-07-12 01:21

spice and wolf; awesome
myself;yourself; loved it
rizelmine-i personally didnt like it
more when im also not being lazy

Izayoi 2008-07-12 01:41

Da capo series
Soul Link(same producer as Shuffle)
Gift ~eternal rainbow~
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~
W ~ Wish

Whole lot of series like that, don't know why; maybe eroge adapt is the cause but who knows. Comedy and Romance mixed in with a bit of fan service.

Yukinakamura 2008-07-12 09:25

I really recomand Spice and Wolf also. I'm not sure if Fruits Basket is a comady Romance anime but you could try it.

Miko Miko 2008-07-12 09:29

Gift~ Eternal Rainbow
Shugo Chara!
DearS, pretty similar to chobits cos i see that on your list.. :)

neqael 2008-07-12 13:04

Try those:

Kanon (2006)
Ai Yori Aoshi
Bokura ga Ita
Onegai Teacher
Onegai Twins
Final Approach

I also second Chobits, Clannad and H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~.

Terrato 2008-07-12 17:22

well all that helps so thanks but im always looking for more, perhaps i watch anime too quickly :P (i always finish a series in at most 2 days) lol. If theres anymore dont hesitate to post, Thanks :)

Romalokp2 2008-07-13 03:15

love hina might fit

NervZero 2008-07-13 15:31

Ah! My Goddess this might be what you are looking for..

Clannad is a Great anime! so i will also recommend it as other have..

And there are a ton more good anime I'm just to lazy to think for some reason when my brain starts to work again I'll post more..

MamoruUsagi 2008-08-27 23:09

These series have the couples dating and as boyfriend and girlfriend and dating and in a relationship as a couple during the series. There are break ups, engagements, marriages, sex scenes, hundreds of kissing scenes, dating, lots of passion and the couples get together at the beginning and are dating and a couple in a mature, sexual relationship during the series.

Bokura ga Ita
Fushigi Yuugi
Kare First Love
Wild Act
The Devil Does Exist
Peach Girl
Absolute Boyfriend
Kare Kano
Marmalade Boy
Ayashi no Ceres
Paradise Kiss
Happy Hustle High
Fushigi Yugi
Ultra Cute
Akuma De Sourou
Sensual Phrase
Missile Happy!
Ceres Celestial Legend
His and Her Circumstances
Ultra Maniac
Sailor Moon
Love Attack
High School Debut

Most of these are manga, the manga versions are much better with deeper relationships.

The manga of Fushigi Yugi has the couple dating for a longer time, the couple is engaged in the second half of the manga and while they break up a lot in the first half, the second half they are engaged and don't break up and have a passionate sex scene.

Ceres Celestial Legend manga has the couple dating for a much longer time, there are hundreds of kissing scenes, lots of sex scenes and it shows the couple living together and making out in hotel rooms.

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