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White Manju Bun 2008-07-13 12:42

Code Geass R2 Favorite Characters
It's time for a Code Geass R2 Favourite Characters Poll! This poll is a multiple choice poll and while we wonít restrict you from voting for every character, please try to limit your choice to your top 3 or 4 picks if you can. If you like the entire cast equally, then so be it, but if you can narrow it down a bit, then thatís even better. If you like one character the most, then donít feel the need to vote for anymore.

Please remember that once you make your vote you may not "come back" later to add or change your previous vote(s). So make sure you know all the characters you want to include in your vote before you click the "Vote Now" button.

And of course the vote is public, so your votes will be visible to all. :)

Thread Rules
  • No campaigning for votes.
    Any post with "Vote forÖ/Do not vote for..." verbiage will be deleted. Discuss why you do or donít like characters without campaigning for votes.

  • Do not insult or harass other members for their choices.
    Please remember: this is for fun. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people wonít be tolerated.

  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    Itís great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after youíre long gone and on to watching some other series.

Pathis87 2008-07-13 12:47

rofl seem to be the 1st one here :D
here goes :
1/ Lelouch/zero
2/ Kallen
3/ CC
4/ Cornelia
5/ Li xingke

demon_god04 2008-07-13 12:50

*Plants Kallen flag in the ground*

Kallen and Lulu for me.

Var 2008-07-13 12:50

1.) Kallen, Lelouch
2.) Charles
3.) C.C.
4.) Cornelia, Guilford, Todou, and Urabe.
5.) Nunally, Jeremiah (forgot to vote for him)
6.) Everyone else.

serenade_beta 2008-07-13 12:51

Other (Tianzi)

thedonkiluminati 2008-07-13 12:53

Why no Rakshata in the poll?

The Chaos 2008-07-13 12:53

Rolo...Didn't Get any Vote ..:heh:

Omfgbbqwtf 2008-07-13 12:55

Kallen Stadtfeld
Nunnally Lamperouge
Anya Alstreim
Villetta Nu
Other (Sayoko, she should have been on the list. She was on the first season list wasn't she?)

Mr.Mo 2008-07-13 12:56

Cornelia li Britannia
Nunnally Lamperouge
Li Xingke
Kaguya Sumeragi

hanseo 2008-07-13 12:57

CC Shirley Suzaku nina rolo cornelia kaguya

Aquaman OS 2008-07-13 12:57

Kallen hasn't performed any acts of baby eating yet. Guess I'll go with her.

ichigo fans 2008-07-13 12:59

I guess i will go for Kallen. After all @ this kind of critical moments , Kallen is the most important role for now.

Rising Dragon 2008-07-13 13:00

Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C., Kallen, Nunnally, Shirley, Jeremiah, and Arthur got my votes.

White Manju Bun 2008-07-13 13:07


Originally Posted by thedonkiluminati (Post 1725827)
Why no Rakshata in the poll?

Poll can be max of 20 choices and I needed and "other" as well so 19 characters. I agree I wanted her on. Sayoko also but again she hasnt been shown much. And remember can also make another poll at the end.

My votes
Xing- Ke
Others (Laksharta)

Oscidaes 2008-07-13 13:15

Oddly enough, my top favourite is Ayame, the purple haired bridge bunny. (As seen in avatar) Don't ask. :\

Xing-ke (respectable values), Jeremiah (surprising loyalty), Rakshata (fellow engineer ;P) and Gino (would make a hilarious friend) are collectively second. Also like a bunch of others, but I didn't want to clutter up with too many votes. D:

Pathis87 2008-07-13 13:17

We need arthur in this list instead of being included with other choices :/
he would so get all the votes biteing suzaku all the time =p

Stretch5920 2008-07-13 13:21

No Toudo on the list? I feel bad for him since he is likely to SAVE THE FFFING DAY in the end.

Silver Soul 2008-07-13 13:55


Originally Posted by Stretch5920 (Post 1725897)
No Toudo on the list? I feel bad for him since he is likely to SAVE THE FFFING DAY in the end.

:uhoh::uhoh::uhoh:says you:rolleyes:

zalem 2008-07-13 14:02

Voted for:

Anya (one of the few lolis I can stand)
Jeremiah (he amuses me)
Others (Laksharta! Arthur too.)

Damn, maybe I should have voted Xingke and C.C. But then I feel like I voted for too many as it is...

Methuselah 2008-07-13 14:14

LOL Suzaku has 4..

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