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Klashikari 2008-07-15 11:22

Clannad - Extra Episode (Tomoyo Chapter) Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Clannad, Extra Episode : Tomoyo Chapter.

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Q: Extra episode...? What is this about? Shouldn't it be Episode 24 ? Why Tomoyo though?
A: As explained in this thread, CLANNAD main story has ended with Episode 22 (for the first half of course, since a second season will be broadcasted in the future).
Episode 24 does not follow the same "universe": instead of Nagisa, Tomoya is going out with Tomoyo, according her route in the original game. This episode serves only as a omake for fans, showing how it would be if Tomoya is dating Tomoyo, it doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming second season.

Sterling01 2008-07-15 11:36

It followed Tomoyo's Route very well, even including her end song.

Now where's my Tomoyo After anime?

Ottocycle 2008-07-15 11:43

That was pretty good. The timeskips were handled especially well I think, I felt no abruptness from them all. And great Sunohara comedy as usual.

Spot the Ryou cameo. :heh:

Nightengale 2008-07-15 11:46

... I was a little skeptical, but admittedly, I thought it was pretty well done. There were scenes I hoped the anime would've shown, and frankly, the opening narration jumping straight there was pretty awkward. The TV OP was unnecessary in my opinion.

However, regardless of game perspective or without it, it was a great adaption and a great episode. Could've used more grit and tears in some scenes, but the 'distance' was without a doubt wonderfully portrayed. In fact, I'd say the 1st half did a better job than the 2nd on that, despite the stronger overtones in the 2nd half.

Props to Yuuichi Nakamura's performance at the 22 minutes mark as well.

and lol at the railways symbolism. Admittedly, it did a great job at the ending especially, but I can't help but felt the scene where it opened look a little retarded... a little bit.

Tormenk 2008-07-15 11:50

Didn't know there was a extra chapter like this planned but makes for a pleasant surprise for sure. :)

Haven't seen the actual ep yet but more Tomoyo is always good. :)

houkoholic 2008-07-15 11:50

Just watched it. It's a little bit different from the game's story as they wrote out some of the more illogical plot points, which is not a bad thing. Would've like them to spend a little bit of time explaining how Tomoya and Tomoyo got together and them detailing the happy times they spend together to reaffirm the chemistry between them. It's not bad but feel abit compressed (can't expect much for just one episode).

The really good thing I noticed though was the amount of facial expressions - they spent a lot of time doing the faces, all the emotional key scenes had very expressive animated faces than usual and it adds a lot more impact to the dialogue.

Overall it reaffirms why I like Tomoyo's arc next to Nagaisa's arc though - they both bring about massive change in Tomoya's character and his outlook on life. I believe the most sincere and strongest type of love is when you change for the person you love.

Utau 2008-07-15 11:57

About to watch it in a while, and I must say I'm really expecting something really satisfying in this Tomoyo Chapter. Darn papers is standing in my way :upset:

Tomoyo where?! :heh:

Spoiler for It's a wonderful life:

houkoholic 2008-07-15 12:11


Originally Posted by Anzu (Post 1731365)
Spoiler for It's a wonderful life:


Leo_Otaku 2008-07-15 13:05

Very well done but I agree it should have been a bit longer to show their relationship a bit better. Can't wait for after story. Though somehow I think this episode set it up for a Tomoyo After series or OVA lol

margafred 2008-07-15 13:59


Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku (Post 1731558)
Very well done but I agree it should have been a bit longer to show their relationship a bit better.


Maybe some of you think that this episode was well made,since many wanted to see the story of Tomoyo and Tomoya as a couple.Those who never played the game,may think that everything in this episode is perfect and satisfying.But to me,its not...

Just like CLANNAD the movie,things between Tomoyo and Tomoya went too fast imo,The episode start with Tomoyo and Tomoya sitting together inside an empty classroom,waiting for the school's student council election announcement.How they both became a couple,it was never told in the episode.So its like this episode only covers 50% of the essential part of the Tomoyo arc,while the other 50% weren't included it on this episode OR they just covered it somewhere between episode 1-20,but no one would actually notice it,seeing the settings for the tv series and special chapter are completely different.

That's what i mean by things went too fast in the special chapter.Did Key expect us to just accept that Tomoyo and Tomoya already became a couple inside this episode without telling us how they both can ended up becoming a couple?There are so many sweet things that happened before they both become a couple,and none of it were covered in the tv series.Only those that played the game knew the missing story of Tomoyo's arc.


Well its already been made like this..even if the story was hanged and forced to only shows the life of Tomoyo and Tomoya as a couple after Tomoyo became the new Student Council president.Anime quality as usual,something to be expected from KyoAni,just that the whole story feels incomplete to me.

Littm 2008-07-15 14:59

Just watched it. Good work again, Kyoto. Now facial animation is really amazing and shows more real feelings and some small feats like waving hairs adds more feelings in dialogs, you can't miss this in the last dialogue, for example. Plot is good and close to the game, but really short. Short enough. Their relations already started at the beginning of this episode and this is a pity, I expected their first contacts, meetings and relations. The main problem here is a single episode. Only 25 minutes... Because of this 25 minutes you can actually call this episode as summary and nothing more. I think, that people, who played game, should really love this, because they already know their full story, but as for others - they maybe will not like some things or will not understand some small feats here. Ah, btw, thanks a lot for this amazing soundtrack, in this 25 minutes you will hear enough outstanding tracks like Shionari II, Yukinohara and even Ana ! Kyoto, thanks again. And some more special thanks for Tomoyo's and Tomoya's last dialog. It's full and very close to the game, they tryed fully show it in this episode. One of the best dialogues in "Tomoyo's route". Now I hope for Tomoyo After...


Well, now let's wait for Clannad AS.

velocity7 2008-07-15 17:37

This episode also reaffirms why the Tomoyo and Nagisa arcs were mutually exclusive, and couldn't be done together at the same time. Same holds true for Kyou's arc.

Farplaner 2008-07-15 18:11

Glad to see...


made it in! In the speculation thread I was worried because it seemed like it wasn't in it.

A couple nitpicks:


mandarb916 2008-07-16 00:16

Personally, even though the events were compressed, i thought it was hands down the best ep of the series...tbh, i think it'll be difficult for AS to match or surpass this.

Utau 2008-07-16 00:27


Originally Posted by houkoholic (Post 1731401)

I thought so.

A very nice episode nonetheless, although I agree that it's a little short. KyoAni could have made it a 27-33 minute show to cover up more of Tomoyo's Arc and made the fans feeling more fulfilled. Though I must say, Ryou getting a cameo appearance, is unfair :heh:

Now, Tomoyo After... where?

arkxkra 2008-07-16 01:48

a very very nice episode, wait so long for this episode is worth it. Quite touching to watch this episode. Those sound track are nice too.

tomoyo after i think(maybe) will be after the after story, dvd release again?

S0ulz 2008-07-16 03:25

yea it is short but for me worth it :)

Taiyakikung 2008-07-16 07:54

Umm!Is the sub out yet? I can't find it any where.

Littm 2008-07-16 08:02

No. But it should be soon, I think.

Zenemis 2008-07-16 10:18

Oh man I love Tomoyo's ending so very much.

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