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Animepandafreak 2008-07-20 09:24

Request anime drawing ideas
k, well I need something 2 do so, it would b cool if u guys can request anime pic ideas. After you post your idea/request, I'll draw it and then post it on this thread. I already have some drawing in "my anime drawings" album if u guys like I'll post them on here 2.

I watch these anime, FYI i don't know all too much about all u the anime u guys may watch ,sooo.

-code geass
-dealth note

Animepandafreak 2008-07-21 19:52

ok i got some pics i drew, do u like?
Spoiler for too many 4 1 page:

Evil Rick 2008-07-21 20:24

I'll give you an advice, never, and I say never, make the eyes visible through the hair, belive me, it makes the character look really unreal

Also, it's not necesary to make the eyes too big XP


On the good side, you draw the muscles very well ;)

Delgato 2010-12-03 19:37

My Anime Idea 8D
My idea of one would be (Kthan)
A war hero from a old war who killed hundreds of men and had like swords sticking out of him. (i thought of this today actually 8D) leaning on his sword, they made a statue of him in this position, all bloody with five swords sticking out of his body, basically dead leaning on his sword, and he was supposed to die that way, and many people thought he did but a unknown spirit brought him back to life, and because he didn't die he didn't age either. he was 21 at the time of the war and nows he fifty with the look of someone who's about twenty. No one knows that he still lives but in the city where the statue stands their is a gang that steals from the residents and one man about the age of 18 wants to stop them but doesn't have the power, and he's desperately tried so many times to stop them, and he always looks at the statue of the man. he's never met his father at all. the war hero (Kthan) comes walking in as the thugs fool around with everyone and messes them all up, the man is extremely fast in combat and unbelievable hes able to throw his blade at the opponent and run as fast as the blade, as soon as it stabs the leader he grabs the blade and slices upward to split him in half. he finishes off the rest of the thugs and frees the town of them. the man named Suzuki who wants to free his village was stunned to hear that this happened and asked Kthan desperately if he could train him and bring him on his journey, Kthan journeys from place to place fighting for others. In the end Kthan agrees and brings Suzuki along with him and he trains him in weird way, he has to step to the side as fast as he can, Kthan is so fast that he almost seems to teleport around his enemies, a blurry vision! It also turns out that Kthan is Suzuki's father as well but near the end of the journey Kthan starts to go insane and Suzuki has to stop himself with a Ally or two hes made on his journey.
GG thats it, although its not complete.

Miss Metal 2011-02-04 03:37

Request-io :x
Okay, basically, can you draw anime girls that aren't in animes?
Um, if yes, this is a description of what I want, if you are ever-so kind ;]:

A kunoichi from Konoha.
A girl with bright, bright blue eyes.
With shoulder length, pin straight purple hair which is white at the tips.
And a very brown tan.

:x, any clothes would be suitable.
Hope you can do it!! :)

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