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Lioran 2008-07-20 20:26

horror/tragedy not really violent
hello i'm search for some horror tragedy type anime
like jigoku shoujo, for opinion i didnt really find jigoku shoujo to be all that violent if some people say so... if at all... so im searching for some anime in that style
thank you

SeijiSensei 2008-07-20 22:08

There's two types of violence in the stylish and often beautifully drawn Mononoke and in its licensed predecessor Bakeneko. The main character slays demons, but these battles are abstract confrontations against monsters. The more significant violence is psychological and concerns how these demons were created by human ill-treatment of one another. I would call it a horror show, but not a gory one.

Another series you might enjoy is Ghost Hound, a story about strange happenings in a rural Japanese town. The show weaves together strands from mysticism, neuroscience, and psychiatry to tell a spooky, but complex story with a little romance, a leavening of humor, some lovely artwork, and an extraordinary soundtrack.

Monster is often called a horror show, but again the real horrors are psychological ones. Many people die in the course of Monster, but most of the deaths take place off-screen or as a result of large-scale events like fires. There are a couple of quite brutal scenes, but in most of the 74 episodes no acts of violence occur on-screen at all.

If you've never seen Miyazaki's Mononoke Hime, do yourself a favor and rent the DVD first chance you get.

I've only seen a few episodes of Ghost Hunt, but that might be another one to consider.

Lioran 2008-08-02 03:52

Watched Ghost hound, it was good
cant bring myself to watch mononoke cause of the way it look, i'm an anime lover for a reason
And monster doesnt seems to be the kind i'm looking for

Anyone have other ideas?
also dont really like detective stuff in some ways

Ps:where was the soundtrack in Ghosthound? ^^"

Proto 2008-08-02 12:51

You are missing yourself a lot of good series if you only judge a series because of its art style. I'd push myself a little to watch series like that if I were you :p

Returning to the original topic, why don't you try Serial Experiments Lain? It's not exactly horror, however it's pretty close with all the psychological mindfucking you go through the first episodes until you get what is going on :heh:

TinyRedLeaf 2008-08-02 13:17

Mermaid Forest
(Genre: Drama, horror, romance)

Original story by Rumiko Takahashi (of Inuyasha fame)

According to an ancient legend, eating a mermaid's flesh can grant eternal youth to a person. Five hundred years ago, Yuta unwittingly ate a piece of mermaid's flesh. As his friends and wife grew old and died, leaving him alone in the world, he came to regard his immortality as a curse. Since then, he has travelled across Japan, hoping to find a mermaid to make him normal again. One day, he chanced upon a village of old women that has been raising a girl on mermaid flesh. Due to certain circumstances, he rescues the girl, Mana, from the village. They now travel together in search for a true mermaid.

The "horror" elements of Mermaid Forest are reminiscent of pulp fiction from Tales of the Crypt, meaning to say, they are more tacky than horrorific. The real draw behind the story lies in the developing relationship between Yuta and Mana as they travelled together. There are romantic moments as well as tragic moments, mainly coming from the different kinds of people they meet on their journey. Sounds like something you might be looking for, I think. :)

MuraKami 2008-08-02 18:06

It is not very clear what you are asking for, but if Jigoku Shoujo is the starting point, series with other spooky/creepy karmic dealers are (to my knowledge):

Requiem for the Darkness (a.k.a Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari or 100 Ghost Stories) - there are deaths (what's a horror without one), but nothing actually as graphic as Higurash no Naka Koro ni or Gantz. As in Ayakashi -The Classic Japanese Horror Tales (of which Bakeneko takes the last part and spins-off the TV series Mononoke) the animation is highly peculiar, expressive, and innovative.

Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed - more prone to tragedy (case by case) than horror.


Ghost Hunt. Paranormal deviances are being researched by an interesting group of people with exorcistic abilities (mostly). It's difficult to have horror without blood and killing, but if gore bothers you, you could skip episodes from 18 to 21 (The Blood-Soaked Maze). The last ark, the Cursed House, would fit perfectly the supernatural x horror thread.

Boogiepop Phantom: quasi supernatural phenomenon triggers a chain of events affecting people's behaviours. The actual horror is low, the symbolic one - high. Non-mainstream animation (again).

Myself; Yourself and School Days tell stories of personal tragedies (and the latter ends with some gore).

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou: Tou (first season subbed) features a group of students trying to solve and fight mysterious deaths. Elements of supernatural and horror are present, but not explicit in graphic way (at least to my standards for a horror).

Other series you might check and decide for yourself - The Skull Man and Speed Grapher.

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