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Autumn Demon 2008-07-25 00:52

live-action like Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Wondering if there are any shows that are like Ikebukuro West Gate Park or come close to its epicness. It's the only Japanese live-action TV show I've seen and I loved it. I realize that IWGP may be unique, so I'll broaden my request. More generally, I'm looking for Japanese live-actions shows that could be considered cult classics/must-sees by anime otaku.

And if you haven't seen IWGP I highly suggest you do! After watching 2,500+ episodes of anime, I found watching a Japanese live-action a nice change of pace. In many ways IWGP seemed a lot like an anime except with real actors. I'll admit though, IWGP wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable if I hadn't seen so much anime before watching it, as it has many aspects of Japanese culture (or maybe it's just TV culture?) that isn't explained as well as in easy-to-follow anime.

DragoonKain3 2008-07-25 07:26

Akihabara@deep. Not nearly as good as IWGP, but much better than the likes of Densha Otoko in terms of 'otaku' live action shows.

Granted, I haven't seen much j-drama in the past half year due to my gaming horizons being expanded by the 360, so there might be more out there. Also, I personally am more into romance and most especially family dramas, so chances are, I have missed out on more than a few. XD

Grungir 2008-07-25 21:31

Check out:
GTO (excellent in the live action genre... it was what got me watching JDramas)
Nodame Cantabile ( the live version is absolutely fantastic)
Honey and Clover (I started this one and the live action is pretty slow)

I just added the shows I remember off the top of my head being anime also.

Grungir 2008-07-26 14:24

Found the raws for IWGP....
anyone know where subs can be found?

DragoonKain3 2008-07-26 14:32

Google up SARS fansubs. They're only the largest (and only?) organized group of j-drama subbers who actually has a website. XD

Grungir 2008-07-26 19:57

thanks for the info

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