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supuhaznpbrein 2008-08-03 15:50

Recommend Licensed Manga
Now I know what you're all thinking. "Why manga? Scans all the way man!" I would agree with you, but I have a difficult time reading manga on my computer, and I for one like to have a book in my hands. Nothing beats the feeling of turning pages in between your fingers. But that's just me... :p

I'm open to anything, as long as its ENJOYABLE, that's the key word for me. I'm looking for more reading to do since I've only recently started getting into manga. So I'm totally open to any suggestions you guys have. I'm not too particular to Naruto, Bleach, and the like, but once again, if it's enjoyable I'll take your word for it and check it out.

But to help you guys out here are a list of manga I currently own and enjoy.
-Battle Royale
-Azumanga Daioh
-MPD Psycho
- Absolute Boyfriend
-Pretty Face
-Black God
-Rozen Maiden
-Welcome to the NHK
- Lunar Legend
-School Rumble
-Shakugan no Shana
-Love Hina
-Rosario Vampire
-Unbalance x Unbalance

Thanks again for the help!

jedinat 2008-08-03 16:17

Ranma 1/2 is fun. I have a few volumes. (don't own many manga at all, so I guess that says something)
Mars is very good, though only if you're interest in romance with some rather dark drama.
Genshiken is always a solid choice.
Variante is very cool from what I read of the first couple volumes (then it was licensed/scanlations stopped)
The first volume of Crying Freeman is very good standalone, but you can of course read subsequent volumes if you like it.
Perfect Girl Evolution - very funny
Day of Revolution - takes gender bending a few notches beyond Pretty Face
From Far Away - since you have no shoujo at all on your list, I don't know how this and the last couple would sit with you :heh: But I enjoy them.
Battle Angel Alita - entertaining; you would have to at least get the first volume of the sequel if only to maintain that the ending of the original did not, in fact, ever happen. :p
I could keep on going and going, but I'll stop now.

Potatochobit 2008-08-05 05:23

hayate no gokuto
Is pure
pretty face
skip beat
highschool girls
kitchen princess
tenjoh tenge/ air gear

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