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charlescfung 2004-02-08 17:30

Help me decide
I want to purchase a boxset of either Boggiepop Phantom or Gasaraki... but can't decide which one is better and has better worth. I know it's weird to compare the two sincce they are so different. Alas, which one do u think i should get..

stus 2004-02-09 12:37

I'd slways suggest Gasaraki as I believe it is the ultimate in intellagent mecha with some of the most realistic (I think anyway) looking bipeds your likely to see. Plus theres a fair amount of political intrigie to keep you intrested as well.

vio5555 2004-02-09 23:55

Go with Gasaraki, its easily one of the best underrated mecha shows out there, get it off and I have to say it was a very complex show like Eva, but it was conclusive and it made sense. I really liked how it did have a realistic aspect to the mechs, they were definitely developed as a near future concept and allow you to really get into it. The only complaint I've really heard from people is that it is a bit too Japanese, but in my opinion that definitely increases its value since it shows you an aspect of the culture.

Kamui4356 2004-02-10 01:23

Gasaraki sucks! It's one of the worst anime I've seen. Though I do have to agree if they ever do build mechs, they'll undoubtedly look almost exactly like the ones from Gasaraki.
Boogiepop Phantom is by far the better series, but as you said charlescfung, they're both very different. If you like anime such as Lain, definatly go with BP. If Mecha anime is more you're thing go with Gasaraki, but rent or borrow some episodes first. As you can probably tell from the differences between my opinion and the opinions of stus and vio5555, it's a hit or miss series. You may end up throwing you're money away on something that you think is total crap, as I do, or may end up loving it.

hiiragi 2004-02-10 22:02

i think Gasaraki is better, but then again, they are different animes

hiiragi 2004-02-11 09:33

If weird anime is your coup of tea though, go for Boggiepop Phantom

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