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RolePlay 2008-08-15 11:57

[Halo 3] Grifball
Anyone Else on this forum play the Halo 3 sport Grifball with over 300 teams and thousands of players in the now established league?

if so maybe you guys can fill out this sheet

Current Team:
League Experiance:
Other Information:

for example

Current Team:Technically No Team but future Co-Captain of Team Epic Fail
Postion:orginally Tank but from end of this season onwards a Hybrid
League experiance:Played for Team Chupathingy in Spring League lost first round of Play offs against eventual Champions Death on Call, then moved to Death on Call for the Summer League only team fell apart and now is Teamless but forming a team with former team mate Sir Jimmmy and 2 other elite Uk Grifball Players for the next season.
Other Information:Is one of the only Uk Grifball PLayers to bring American Tactics and skill moves into the UK league making him superior to most players in his league

that was a sheet for me ^_^


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