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zSolaris 2008-08-29 22:17

Younha - Someday [Korean vol. 2]
So Younha's Someday album was released yesterday ( for all of us in the States).

I managed to get my hands on a copy of it and got around to listening to most of it. Personally, I prefer her more K/J Rock/Pop style over the whole Ballad genre that she has been trying to get into. Great music overall, quite a bit of variety as far as music style goes in this new album though the happy-kind of bouncy-light style continues to prevail.

My personal favorites so far? 05 텔레파시, 09 Best Friend, and 13 My Song and...


01 Gossip Boy
02 기억 (feat. Tablo) (Rap Mix)
03 Hero
04 Someday
05 텔레파시
06 Rain & The Bar
07 빗소리
08 Rainbow
09 Best Friend
10 Strawberry Days
11 For Catharina
12 미워하다
13 My Song and...
14 울지마요
15 기억 (Original Mix)
16 텔레파시 (inst.)
17 미워하다 (inst.)

crimson_scourge 2008-11-17 14:20

My favourite song is Gossip boy XD

touji 2008-11-17 18:29

I personally liked the stuff she was doing in Japan more than what she's doing in Korea, but oh well ^_^

It also seems like the Younha hype is disappearing in Korea, so it's nice to see a new album out!

Fuzzy_Bunny 2008-11-18 01:34

Solaris I LOVE you. Ty for introducing me to Younha. I'm surprised I didn't hear about her though... I'm pretty into the Korean entertainment industry (I'm Korean). Go Younha!!! and Big Bang of course =).

AznBean 2009-05-27 07:54

I love the song Memory - Younha ft. Tablo..

I don't know why many people hated Tablo [saw comments in YouTube while listening to Memory]

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