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tugatosmk 2008-08-30 14:54

Sailor Moon S
Anime-Himitsu has presented the anime fandom with a true fansub of Sailor Moon S.

Thanks for the effort. ;)

tyciol 2010-12-22 05:18

For anyone who finds their way here, this is episodes 90-127 (the third season) of Sailor Moon. The tracker for the series entirety is here

I would also like to bring something up here, since "SuperS" (season 4) is essentially a sequel to S...

We have a separate tracker for SuperS at

I am not sure why we have this. None of the other series have their own trackers.

I believe that 309 should probably be closed and redirected to 300 for simplicity, if that is possible. The current content (Movie, Specials, Extras) could just be on the main torrent.

Or barring that, I love having a collective torrent but if we are going to give an additional separate torrent to season 3 then 2/4/5 would seem equally deserving.

Now, since this thread is about Sailor Moon S and I will say also SuperS by extension, these two series are unique because they are currently not fully available on animeSuki. For S (season 3) I only see 90-101, it seems like 101-127 are missing.

I think the "SailorMoonCenter" group is showing great promise to presenting this series to everyone. They recently released 96-101 in October of this year so if these trends continue, my guess is that they will complete SuperS and fans will be able to continuously watch all 5 seasons! =)

Their speed is actually kind of frightening... they did 1-46 (season 1) in October of last year, 47-89 (season 2) this June... like yipees! The discussion thread for the first 2 seasons collectively is found at

There is a huge gap up until 167-200 which is the Sailor Stars anime which has its own thread here: FoT & A-W did this in 2005 and SMC redid it in 2009 apparently right after they did the first season but before they did the second.

So essentially, S and SuperS are the big gaps, but new fans to the series can enjoy the first 2 and hopefully by the time everything is torrented and watched, maybe 3/4 will have progressed. If not, we can always spend time watching other anime, or perhaps pay attention to the musicals.

I admit there is kind of a temptation to watch 'Sailor Stars' but considering that the series has plot continuity, it's a temptation one should probably resist to avoid confusion about character development.

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