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BTime 2004-02-10 09:55

Is Onigiri MIA?
Just wondered as I've not seen or heard of them in about a month. Anyone know if they're on break or whatnot??

And Shadowskill was soooo close to being done too with only 5 more episodes to go..

SirCanealot 2004-02-10 15:55

I heard they got put in jail with TofuSensei???

BTime 2004-02-10 22:06

Heh, and now they're all being forced to translate old episodes of Kimba the White Lion into esperanto!

gohmifune 2004-02-11 01:04

Really? Finally, the necessities of the anime community are filled.

crumja 2004-02-11 02:49

From what I know, their translator, NiNjA_x_NiNjA, left because of time constraints and they only got through KGNE with TemjinGold subbing in for trans. Someone go help them out because they're an awesome group.

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