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1stStrike 2003-11-11 00:47

new sketches
I went on a trip to Boston with my college class today so I decided to do some sketching while on the bus. Here's the 2 new sketches and I think they're a significant improvement over my other ones. I did these in fine line instead of pencil. The lines aren't quite as good as I would have liked because the ride was a little bumpy, but they're still better. All comments, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

Sukato 2003-11-11 11:42

Hmm..not bad especially considering you started fairly recently (I looked at your tutorial drawing's post as well).
I like the way you draw eyes...though the ears could use a bit of practice (and ears can definately take a lot of practice to draw perfectly ;)...same with hands if you draw full-body pictures).

Often in manga it looks pretty good with drawing just a single curve or two for the ears in the frontal view, when hidden by a slight dip in the side of the face as you did on the right side of your tutorial drawing. In anime you wont see this much because you rarely see a direct front face that isn't moving, but for a drawing its a good start. Also a common tip for ears is that the top of the ears shouldn't be higher than the eyes, and probably should be a little bit lower (unless the character is looking downwards of course).

For bangs of hair it looks really nice if you take really quick single strokes that connect at the tip instead of drawing them carefully and slowly (bangs in anime/manga look pretty crazy so are often drawn pretty crazily) Of course, your ride was bumpy as well so that was working against ya in this case ;).

Oh also in the case of your tuturial drawing, the eyes are often shown through the bangs as you drew, but the ears are usually hidden by the hair.

Keep it up! It's always great to see more manga art and more people starting off with it :). I like those eyes.. did you catch that from somewhere or are they your own style?

Edit: Oh I also like the mouth on the bottom picture, but that is personal preference (I prefer small-mouth manga styles)

1stStrike 2003-11-11 11:53

I looked at the general shape on different tutorials, modified it a little and I created my own pupil shapes. I'm glad one thing is good anyway :)

Thanks for the advice on the ears to. I'll take that into consideration next time.

With hair..I always have a really rough time doing it. What I think would help me out a lot is if I could see some step by step process starting with the very first piece of hair and on. I've looked at the completed version of a lot of different hair styles but can't quite figure out how to draw them. If anyone could help with that I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again!

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