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Bullsquat 2004-02-10 17:01

Which of these two characters u feel sorriest?
Randoh from Pretty Face or Seiji from Midori No Hibi. One is stuck with the face of a woman while the other is stuck with a woman attached to his right hand!

Although it's so bloody hilarious when u think about it, these guys must be going through a lot of hell. U can tell by their face expressions everytime they're in bind that they're always close to a nervous breakdown.

So who do u think is living one sorriest life? Take into account, the environment their living in.


ShadowLady 2004-02-12 08:51

I only know seiji..

wiebbe 2004-02-14 07:49


Originally Posted by ShadowLady
I only know seiji..

i think its the worst for Radoh,

i mean seji can just be his self, doesnt have to lie to anyone he loves, and can still (well almost) do all the things he wanted too.

But Radoh, has been turned into a girl, (face wise that is) and is 'pretending' to be the sister of the love of his life.

I think that is the worst, he is not himself anymore, cant do anything he did before the accident as himself. (ie he died to everyone) and is lying to the one girl he loves.

although it would be kinda cool is he actually is Yuna ;)
maybe the mad doctor turned her into a guy/girl, and messed with her memory ;)

Baba 2004-02-14 09:07

I voted for Randoh to, and I've found my opinion matches quite well the one of wiebbe.

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