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NeoSam 2008-09-06 16:20


The manga is serialized in the shounen manga magazine Dragon Age.
The first volume of the manga will be released on September 9th, 2008.

Cover of manga:

Well, a rouninsei otaku and blond twin loli sisters and a huge boobed childhood friend :D

Mangaka: Youji Sorimura

rouninsei = student who failed entrance exam of college/university.

The two twin younger sisters and the big boobed childhood friend can be seen in an illustration here:

I haven't started reading this manga, but it is on my reading schedule...

Dark Wing 2008-09-07 01:19

looks interesting...I think I'll take a look at it. Thanks for the info.

MakubeX2 2008-09-07 03:23

The mangaka has Ero Rori Doujins under his name.

This title is his first outting as a general release, but still has shadows of his former releases. (Ecchi elements, but nothing too serious.) Most of the chapters are just one-shot episodic stories that ends on a feel good note.

Roricon who feels KnJ being too serious of late might want to pick this up.

technomo12 2008-09-07 03:30

hmm this might be a good read for once after sooo many action type manga

MakubeX2 2008-09-07 03:34

Just take note that this is a Rori-Ecchi title where nudity of the pair of 9-year old twin are the norm just about every chapter.

NeoSam 2008-09-15 06:33

Some images from the manga from Otaroad Blog:

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