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relentlessflame 2008-09-17 21:40

PSA: Season 3 Episode Count & Bonus Episode
The following is a Public Service Announcement regarding the episode count of Zero no Tsukaima season 3.
  • The TV run of Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo will contain 12 episodes. The final episode will be airing on Monday, September 22nd (a.k.a. 24:30 on the 21st).

  • A bonus episode will be included on DVD 4 of 7 that will be released on December 25th. This disc will also contain episode 6 of the TV broadcast, so if the episode fits into the chronology at all, it would be episode 6.5. That being said, it's only listed as "OVA" in the solicitations so far.

  • In other words, Episode 12 is the last episode of this season's story. There is no "Episode 13", at least not in the usual meaning of the word.

Of course, we will create a thread to discuss the OVA episode when the time comes. Thank you for your attention! :p

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