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Kagerou 2008-09-25 14:15

Call of Duty: World at War
Well... it's a return to the Big WWII. Personally I think it's gonna be hit or miss, because Modern Warfare was so awesome in its modernness and whatnot that it's going back to the era of Nazis and Imperial Japan vs. America and the Allied Forces just seems like a bad idea.

For those of you not caught up:

Spoiler for Wiki'd:

So, comments, thoughts? What do you hope to see from Call of Duty: World at War?

As for me, I dunno. I don't like going back, like I said... but, this is CoD, and the games never fail to impress.

Utau 2008-09-25 23:52

Personally, i'm not expecting much on this upcoming installment of World at War. Like you said, Modern Warfare is already awesome and honestly that's the only CoD game that got my interest since it was commercialized plus the online system is enjoyable to the fullest, although, connection may get tough sometimes.

now, if the future previews of the game prove to be sth to look forward to then i might consider checking out the game. Then again, i already have CoD2 & 3 for the PC and CoD3&4 for the PS3 so i may just buy it for the sake of collection.

KickHopper 2008-09-25 23:56

Ehhh. Even if I love WWII and CoD 2, I probably won't get this. CoD 4 is already fun enough for me as it is and it seems like there isn't going to be anything new except vehicles and co-op. =\ *Waits for Infinity Ward's next version of CoD*

Lebron 2008-10-11 21:48

Well I got into the MP Beta(360), and it's basically a COD4 WW2 mod:heh:

Not that it's a bad thing, since COD4 is still the king as far as FPS goes. If it ain't broke, you know? So yeah, MP is fun. Oh yeah, and Dogs are the new hotness. Watching them chase down and tear apart the enemy is priceless

Utau 2008-10-12 00:06

what? they added K-9's in there?

god I hate those :heh:

but actually, sounds good to hear they added that. anymore mods aded?

Lebron 2008-10-12 00:41

I've only played a few matches or so, so haven't discovered everything. Outside of Dogs, there's some of the same stuff that was in COD4. For instance, calling in a recon plane, and calling in air strikes. The dogs are the equivalent of the UAV I guess. I did receive a gas mask perk, so I'm guessing their are gas(mustard?) bombs or something. Haven't encountered gas though yet. One of my friends said he got gassed before, said your vision starts to blur, you start coughing, and it's harder to maneuver. So having the gas mask on pretty much eliminates that obviously. Oh yeah, and tanks suck. Don't like them at all. The few times I've seen them in action they were all controlled by guys on my team. So it's not like I was getting owned by them, just don't like them.

also, not real big fan of the maps. There's only one I played that felt balanced. The other two are either poorly designed or spawn camping city. Overall though, it does seem to look a bit better than COD4, and run smoother. In MP that is.

Edit: Yeah, Tabun gas is what its called. Just ran into a match where everyone were spamming them like no tomorrow.

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