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Sazelyt 2008-09-27 16:08

Another loss of a great legend - Paul Newman [1925-2008]
Considering his age, and recent health conditions, it is not a surprising news, but, one after another the legends are passing away. I am sorry for his loss, as he was a great actor, and a great person, especially with his out-of-Hollywood-life and his highly generous contributions to charity works.

solomon 2008-09-27 17:05

All over the news in the US, '25-08, still not a bad run.

Vexx 2008-09-27 19:23

It really never gets easier watching icons you grew up with "exit the building".

FLCL 2008-09-27 21:02

as an auto sports enthusiast this saddens me

ride off into the sunset good sir

he drove his 300zx around the track 2 weeks ago

he has done so much for auto sports

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