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animeboy12 2008-10-01 16:00

how much of an anime fan are you on the outside
keyword is outside so appearance wise

Just wondering

As much as I love anime you wouldn't be able to tell it from my appearance or my possessions. I have no manga, no anime dvd, no anime merchandise, and never nor will cosplay. Since I have the internet there's no real need for me to buy anime or manga and I've never been into buying anime merchandise. Not even my closest friends know I watch it.

I like it that way, sadly just as with videogames at one time, anime is just one of those hobbies people view in the west a negative light. Where I live most of the people who enjoy it aren't exactly the most sociable

cyth 2008-10-01 16:12

The answer to the underlying question is YES. Yes, eventually you will start buying anime merchandise. Yes, you will lose a ton of friends as your social skills will rust. And no, you will most likely not take up cosplay because only conceit children indulge in it, unless you are a cute, but insecure girl, or you have a thing for making yourself look like a dweeb. :)

Strahan 2008-10-01 18:49

I don't cosplay but I have figurines, anime dvds and a couple anime related t-shirts. I couldn't care less what people think about anime, I like it and that's all that counts to me. The majority of my friends don't watch anime, just one of them and a few coworkers. Doesn't bother me. The key is to not make anime your life.

Actually, my Bleach shirt started a convo with a fairly cute register girl at a pharmacy. She saw my shirt and started talking about Kenpachi hehe.

Eczema 2008-10-01 18:54

Medium. I don't mind talking or telling people about anime, but I don't buy figurines or cosplay. I'm looking around for some subtle anime apparel, but haven't been able to find anything good, so I might custom make something.

Vexx 2008-10-01 18:57


Originally Posted by Toua (Post 1952898)
The answer to the underlying question is YES. Yes, eventually you will start buying anime merchandise. Yes, you will lose a ton of friends as your social skills will rust. And no, you will most likely not take up cosplay because only conceit children indulge in it, unless you are a cute, but insecure girl, or you have a thing for making yourself look like a dweeb. :)

ya know... a lot of people work very hard at it, look good, and pick characters that fit their looks. So I have to call you on that sweeping generalization. :)
However, I won't defend the ones that clearly didn't put much effort into their costume and made very poor choices of what to cosplay -- both of which pretty much just end up being insulting of the character.

As for me... I wear the occasional t-shirt (usually understated ones so that someone has to be paying attention). I have a shrine to anime/manga/figures in my home office. I'm occasionally seen working on my japanese translation using either light novels or manga. I very occasionally cosplay but it is more of an extension of both Halloween and my SCA days. I'm very picky about what I'd actually cosplay though.... it'd have to fit my body type and age -- so that limits the choices severely since I'm not interested in much of the action genre.

My area has a large anime fanbase (we have a relatively large annual convention, a significant japanese presence, and excellent immersion and school programs in japanese and japanese culture).... so many of the local high schools have their most outgoing students also involved in anime.

DragoonKain3 2008-10-01 19:08

I'd put high on the list. I own figurines (okay, that's a lie, as I only own a Kaminagi Ryoko figurine, who's the only character I ever had the urge to buy), shirts, bags, but mostly, DVDs. Main reason why I'm obviously an anime fan on the outside though is that I lend my DVDs to everyone who's interested... to spread the 'Gospel' or so to speak.

However, cosplay I find either too costly or too time consuming, which I'd rather spend the extra money or time on my ever growing backlog of RPGs. As such, I don't do it.

Of course, all this is partly in thanks to the general acceptance of anime in my area... sure some thinks it childish, but you won't get any negativity just because of it. After all, much of the younger people I talk to were (or still are) a Naruto, DBZ, Gundam Wing, Inuyasha, or *gasp* Yugioh fan at one point. Although in all honesty, I don't think I'd change one bit if my local area is hostile towards it, as long as I still got that spark of interest. Of which were many, but Escaflowne was the one who finally did me in. :heh:

Noe 2008-10-01 20:44

Extremely low...

Arceon 2008-10-01 20:56

My local area is pretty damned accepting of anime, so it doesn't hurt to show that your a fan. . .though you'll still get odd looks occasionaly if your anime/manga/figurines collection dominates a wall in your room (Alternatively you'll get looks of jealousy too). And since my artistic style is that of manga, hiding it becomes pretty damned hard anyway.

Hell our anime club is consisted of over 100 members. . .the only reason I didn't join was because the female to male ration was. . .10:1. . .it's scary being surrounded by fangirls ._.

Rawgers 2008-10-01 21:19

Mmm, the area that I live has a load of people that watch anime. The area is has like a high percentage of asian (not trying to be racist or anything) which enjoy watching Anime, Video Games, etc. But, a lot of them, that I've noticed, only watch a lot of the popular crap shows, sadly. A lot of people watched Studio Ghibli's films such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away and enjoyed them, but continue to despise Anime in General.

I personally am not a person that will say no if somebody tells me if I watch any anime. But I never get that since most people (even very close friends) think that since I'm white, I probably do not watch Anime at all. But having people not know that I watch anime can be a good thing since according to a lot of them, all animes (except popular shows, or shows that are dubbed) = hentai.

For the issue of figurines/ cosplay/ dvds/ anime stuff, I do not have any since, first I do not have a lot of money, second, it can be a pain to get those.

KholdStare 2008-10-01 21:42

I have no figurines, posters, pillowcases, or anything that doesn't fit in a DVD case when it comes to anime. However, most of my friends are aware of my interest in anime, so that's as far as it goes. I used to have anime wallpaper but not anymore. However, my desktop is still filled with anime stuff. I voted medium.

Kaze 2008-10-02 10:26

I have a few figures and a few posters up in my room, but nobody really knows I watch anime, except some of my friends who actually watch anime aswell.

On the outside, I look more like a music lover with my headphones than an actual anime fan :rolleyes:

C.A. 2008-10-02 10:50

I used to look just like an otaku, don't really want to describe it, but its the skinny otaku with specs type. But after national service, and a change of style, I no longer look otaku.

But my room remains the same, every displayable surface in my room has figures on them, on the piano and even on the piano bench and some are even on the floor. That's why I've recently brought 2 metal frame glass displays, like those they always get from ikea. I'll be unpacking and filling up those displays when I have time.

I have like 100+ figures, figma, nenderoids. Not counting gashapons and 3 sets of puchi nenderoids. Then some mecha models, some chougokin, a bunch of revoltech. 3 wall scrolls, lots of novels, some manga, some dvds. Mostly commitment to Haruhism. Lots of games as well, I'm a gamer more than anime watcher now.

Well I'm mostly for the 'hardware', as in figures. My bro has all the 'software'. Both of us have the entire Haruhi novels in Japanese and Chinese, also the manga. But he extends to the entire line of Haruhi singles, all limited edition version of DVDs in original Japanese and also Chinese. Both of us have the Lucky Star mangas, all of them, but he also extends to every single cd, except the radio cds. He also have every single Macross Frontier cd as well.

But my bro is a genderbent Nogizaka Haruka.

Something else:

Do not be proud that you do not own anime merchandise. It just points out that you're a true leech to the anime industry. Being a just a fan who do not pay them, does not make the anime industry prosper. The voice actors, directors, producers, composers, animators and designers, all need money to continue producing anime.

-KarumA- 2008-10-02 10:52

I would say low because even with my manga and dvd's at home people normally don't expect me to watch anime. Not many people see my room so its kind of silly to count that with the 'outside' for me, when people see me draw they probably get hunches but then they never expect me to watch the series I do. I know very little people who actually follow series per season, most of them watcht he standard Naruto and Bleach crap and series that I saw years ago when it aired. I dont own any figurines or t-shirts, I got some posters but my whole wall in my room is covered with flyers etc. of various sources. If they were to see my music collection then they would probably say yes but again those things are not for open view to just anyone and for me they cannot be counted to what people se eon the outside

C.A. 2008-10-02 11:03

Ah yes, you just reminded me about drawing.

In my entire school life, of my entire life till now, I've been filling up my textbooks and lecture notes with anime drawings. Every single person that has seen me knows I either watch anime or read manga. My entire company(in army), knows that I draw anime. I draw while the captain is giving a briefing, I even bring drawing materials out to the field to draw. Just one mechanical pencil and a small black notebook supposedly used to write down orders and reports is enough for a good sketching.

BetoJR 2008-10-02 11:04

I wear the occasional anime/manga related T-shirts, listen to japanese music while driving, and possess a relatively nice anime DVD collection, as well as a few figurines and such. So, I'd rate myself as a medium fan, in this scale.

No, you wouldn't catch me dead cosplaying, but I have the utmost respect for the people that do and look good doing it. Just not my thing. :D

Megann 2008-10-02 14:19

For me, it's low since almost nobody I know watches anime x_x So I don't really get to talk about it at all in real life :c Though I do listen to music from animes, and a lot of Japanese music that people notice sometimes :P

Scavenger 2008-10-02 14:38

While I do study a Economics course with as foreign language subject Japanese, I don't act like a anime fan at class. Not even my classmates do that. I rarely talk about anime with friends. Usually we talk about other things, play Mario Kart DS or do other fun things.

At High School I did act more like one and I regret it a bit. :)

"Inside" I do act more like a animefan, I buy DVD's and merchandising. Nowadays I can spend more money on anime merchandising because I used to buy lots of Transformers figures, but ever since Transformers Animated I bought almost none. TF Animated just doesn't appeal me at all.

GreatTeacherKen 2008-10-02 18:02

Low, the only way strangers would know I'm an anime fan is if they asked me in person or if they saw my picture on a facebook anime group.

RWBladewing 2008-10-02 18:05

Pretty high. Figures, DVDs, posters, shirts, Megami and Dengeki magazines lying around pretty much everywhere, and tons of other random merchandise that I don't really use for anything but absolutely must own anyway (Clannad bed sheets anyone?). I'm pretty much that guy you see in those pictures that not-as-hardcore fans use to try and feel "better" about themselves, except I actually have a full-time job which helps to pay for this stuff.:heh: I don't talk to anyone at said job about anime (or anything for that matter) though, and would also not cosplay even if paid to.

xia 2008-10-02 18:49

Medium, I would say.

I have many dvds, engage in conversations about anime with other like wise people, and carry my Babbit bookbag with me with pride.

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