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Nadeor 2008-10-05 20:27

[Umineko] Fan Fic EPX: The Witch of Despair VS Animesuki Detectives!
This fanfic is based on the work "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" by Ryukishi07.
Original work by 70864 of ACGOL forum
Translation by Nadeor

Duration time: October 5th, 2008 - October 19th, 2008 (2 Weeks)
Rules: Shall be explained below

Participants(Registration opened on the umineko ep3 topic thread in the Games board, those who are interested may register here):

-Golden Witch Drugs

Resigned (Taken as Furniture):

-Goose Boy

The Background Setting to this fanfiction is the same as to the original work
However, I cannot guarantee that the characters and the background information are COMPLETELY same

Greetings to all

I, Nadeor N. Nacaster, the Twilight Envoy, acting as the judge of this round of the game, welcomes you all to the chessboard of the Witch of Despair - 70864.
Please do forgive my rough translations, the texts might be full of grammar problems, but I tried my best to make it understandable.

(From now on I will act like Ronove from EP3, at least trying to :heh: )

Before we start, I have a letter from the Witch of Despair, adressing to all those who intends to participate:


Addressed to, the Furniture-to-be of Animesuki Forum:

Welcome to my chessboard.
But before we can start, I have to note thou all on something, for this are no ordinary chess game that thou know.
Here, both Human and Witches, we put our dignity forth as the bet to this game of darkness and destiny.
For everything thou attempts, will be decided and closely related to thy fate.
Will thou triumph and blow on that horn of victory, dragging thy blood-stained body and moving forward
Or will thou stop and resign in front of the impossible?
Everything is up for thou to decide.

This is a game of thou and I,
and also a game of thou and thou self.
Upon confronting the crimson labyrinth of the red words, will it be possible for thou to spot out the way to defeat me, and break through the trap which thy have set up for thyself?
Or is it that the truth is just under thy nose, yet thou cannot tell?

On a side fact of thou interest, this game which thy Shault face, has already a winner from the previous round: I myself.
Within the fourteen challengers, five resigned while the game is still going, and the nine remainders who wills not resigning, received their defeat in the final struck of the clock as the game concludes.
So yet, is it, or is it not, possible?
For thou all to break through these chains of fate?
Ay, for which I am waiting in my sincerest.

So then, let us begin.
Once again, try and attempt to drain me of my stamina and will with thou powers and strengths.
The chessboard is now ready and set for this game to begin.
If, thou people succeed in defeating me so, it is my honor to resign.
If, thou people are unable to advance, then it is thy honor to resign.
Wishing thou all the best, may this be a night of elegance and knowledge.

70864, the Witch of Despair
The Rules:
-No form of 'Witches', 'Stakes', 'Siestas' or any kind of supernatural powers exists in this game, this is just to those who insists on the prove of the demon.
-Like everyone here's familiar of, or if you are not, please listen carefully of the rules:
-Like in Umineko Ep2, you may request for RECITALS IN RED.
-Your Request, if answered and been recited by me(Nadeor), is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Therefore it's like stating the truth.
-However, if your request for Recital was refused or declined of any kind, it doesn't mean it's not right. Words in Black Can also be true.
-Please do not request for theories such as 'Schromdinger's cat', 'Hangel's Raven' or any form of complex theories. We want the logical reasoning to be as clear as water to those who want to read yours.
-If you have an idea or theory of how this might happen, you may post it in a spoiler tag. HOWEVER, random nonsense will not be accepted.
-You may also decide to 'RESIGN' to the witch of despair, and then the witch will make you her 'furniture'. Furniture can no longer provide theories, but however can request for Recitals in Red from time to time. If you want the solution arc, you will have to wait until one side has won, such request in PMs or any form will be ignored.

-Lastly, if someone posts out a theory EXTREMLY close to the truth, then I shall declare the game over, and you guys win, with the solution arc posted. HOWEVER, if by the deadline date (October 19th, 2008, GMT -08:00(The West Coast Time Zone)) nobody had won, then it's the victory of the Witch.

Got that? Then Let's begin!

Spoiler for EPx:

Nadeor 2008-10-05 20:28

1st floor reserved for Recitals in Red:

Spoiler for Recitals in red ACCEPTED:

Spoiler for Recitals in red NOT RECITED:

Goose Boy 2008-10-05 22:30

Hauu!! I want to post.. can I? can I?...
I dont have many theories in mind yet... but i want this statements in red if im allowed to participate...

Spoiler for Statements in red:

Nadeor 2008-10-06 09:36

Spoiler for Recitals:

Goose Boy 2008-10-06 13:24

Have a theory! have a theory! Uu... Uu...!

Rosa drugged all her siblings with the tea and convinced maria that she was " the witch " and she must not say something, so maria ignored it.
Rosa could have been due to her knowledge about black tea and narcotics... a single mother has a lot of free time.

I still havent concluded anything about the krauss/kinzo thing, but she probably wanted krauss dead because as she said: she couldnt even snatch a penny from him. Also killed natsuhi and jessica so neither can inherit nothing.

She dissapeared everytime theres a murder, she killed george and battler, because eva had to give half of her inheritance to maria and ange who couldnt come, and for rudolf kyrie she couldnt kill ange.

As for the servants... theres an accomplce ..

I want the followings statements in red:
-Rosa did it
-Rosa had knowledge of narcotics.
-Rosa feared the witch, so she wanted to cause fear on others with the witch.
-Rosa hated krauss nii-san and her other siblings.
-All of the servants are victims
-Genji is rosa´s accomplice.
-The cigarrete ashes found by nanjo are drugs.

Goose Boy 2008-10-06 13:25

Sorry! forgot spoilers:heh:

Exilon 2008-10-06 13:37

God, that thing is just huge. And, at least for me, it was a little breakdown that none of the last five died. I wanted some more gore, uu~~.Also, good idea Nadeor, putting all the red text in the same post will be helpful. :P
I'm a little tired right now, so for starters:


This is going to be a long two weeks.. xD

Nadeor 2008-10-06 17:42

Spoiler for Recitals:

Well this seems interesting
so far you guys are starting off way nicer than the players I had met in the previous round
But please do think carefully, for that you have still 13 more days to go.

Goose boy, your theory is quite interesting, but you have only taken the first incident into thinking
What about the later twilights?
Hint: Try to find what the "Trigger Incident" might be? (What caused everything to happen)

Nadeor 2008-10-07 09:26

Actually, just to be "Nice", I've decided to conclude your theory with the following red statement, Gooseboy =v=:

Rosa didn't kill anyone

Anyone else favoring anything?

Larrave 2008-10-07 11:59

Okay, i have no theory on my own but to add some ideas to goose theory which came up after nadeors last statement.
Spoiler for Killings:

Goose Boy 2008-10-07 15:00

Rosa wasnt T_T....
Now I dont have any consistent theory... and for the trigger incident...
Spoiler for More:

Exilon 2008-10-07 15:29

Calm down and think a little more. :P I'm still working on my theories, but there are several things we can work with.


Nadeor 2008-10-07 17:40

Not that I am amazed at the progress, but I'm amazed at how much you guys typed...
There's a word limit in the chinese forum though, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take only a few at a time...

Off to a nice start, 13 more days to go, are you guys up to it?
Hehe, since like you are in a streak, but as the acting judge and director, I won't be very nice =v=

I should have never mentioned the faking-death part...(Duo-Inversion)

Here're the recitals:

Spoiler for Recitals:

Kets 2008-10-07 23:07

Spoiler for recital in red:

Nadeor 2008-10-08 09:20

Wow, more recitals~
Hold on a sec, just making sure they are ok to recite

Here's a hint:
Someone had lied about their encounters over the course of Oct.4th, 1986 and Oct.5th, 1986 on Rokkenjima

Exilon 2008-10-08 11:41

That one is pretty much self-deductible.


I won't ask for any more recitals until Nadeor posts some more of them. Don't want to overload :P

By the way, Nadeor, please pay attention to the red statements in the first post and the ones posted after...
I've just noticed that in the first post, the statement "No one suffers from any kind of mental diease" is in the "refused part, however in a later post you've written it in red.

I'm starting to get confused because it seems that some statements aren't there(and should be) and some others are just kinda lost.

Nadeor 2008-10-08 12:27

Oh yeah, about that statement, yes it does go under the category of 'refused'
Sorry that was my bad, I didn't see that one when I copy-pasted to assort
I'll go put it under ther right away

Goose Boy 2008-10-08 14:07

LOW BATTERY... this will be quick...

Spoiler for More:

Goose Boy 2008-10-08 14:14

Sorry.. change of plans:p
Spoiler for Red recitals:

ClockWorkAngel 2008-10-08 14:41

Part One Done!

It took me a while before I finished it, and more than likely I will read it again to see.

Let's try to break down the time frames and look at things of interest shall we?

Spoiler for Deduction Time:

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 00:59.

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