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Sovelia 2003-11-11 07:01

My first submission
Hi there :)

Have finished my first real picture and I would like some comments on it =)

How I did it: I drew, then I scanned it in and outlined+colored it with Photoshop, tho it took me AGES, since I am a complete PS newbie :(

I hope you guys like it :)

Sukato 2003-11-11 07:24

Quite nice! You should shrink that a bit and use it for your avatar ;). What does the Kanji in the center mean?

Also, welcome to the forums! Its amazing how many people view this forum at any given time (100+ usually), and only a handful will post.

Mizu Shinobi 2003-11-11 13:54

wow! :eyespin: must look at eberything!!! :eyespin: :eyespin: lol :joke: hehe its great!@

gravitation *temp* 2003-11-11 14:05

kool thats very nice , the head looks a bit small for the body but thats just me ^__^ keep it up!!

Messenjari 2003-11-11 22:36

Very Nice :D I like how u put the Kanji on the Clothing; Also good Varying in Ink lines (Somthing I need to Work on) :p

@Naruto@ 2003-11-12 01:19

That is sweet. :heh: I like the cross thing of her clothes with the chinese words written on it. :D

Sovelia 2003-11-12 20:50

Glad you guys ike the picture =)
The Kanji in the center means 'Life' as far as I know :)

sh1n0b1 2003-11-12 21:30

nice wrk ur ps is far better than mine :heh:

sassycrab 2003-11-13 11:24

Sovelia- I think she looks really good, and really GREAT for being a beginner with
photoshop! The only thing I notice that could use a quick fix is the top border between
the white and the blue, there's a little glitch in it close to where your name is.

Overall I think it looks really great and I'd be interested in seeing the original sketch if
you're willing to share it.

Sovelia 2003-11-13 13:33

Thanks for the tip sassycrab =)

Here is the original sketch of the picture:

Made some major changes on it while digitally coloring it, especially around the cloths and the proportions :)

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