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xris 2008-10-10 03:02

Lucky Star OVA Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for the Lucky Star OVA, released on the 26th September.

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Eczema 2008-10-10 03:19

Gave it an 8.

KyoAni did well to provide most of the characters with ample screentime, however Konata's dad and cousin Yui were painfully absent. I liked the Cherry and volleyball arcs the best. Still don't really get that pet shop one though.

The reason I didn't give it a higher score was that it didn't really feel as Lucky Star-ish as the main series for some reason. Hard to put my finger on it...I think because the scenes had more distinctive transitions and conclusions, and were longer than the skits found in the original 24 episodes. While I feel like I can pick up and watch any episode of the main series at random and enjoy it, I'm not sure I can say the same for the OVA.

Cloudkiller1 2008-10-10 03:34


Pet shop of horrors maybe? *shrugs* Nor have I watched it either. Though that came to mind first for some reason. And I am probably dead wrong as well. It had a Princess Resurrection/Monster feel to it as well.

I also gave it an 8/10. More like a 8.5 but meh.
Anywho.. though I feel that the the transition between each arc felt kinda random if not, non-sensical sometimes. Though that was my only complaint about this OVA. All in all it was a very enjoyable watch and I'll probably watch it again sometime later to catch some of the other references.

My favorite arc had to be the MMO one, kinda reminded me of myself. :D No, I'm not a nana-kon player type.. >.> Also nice to see little miyuki references too. :D

If any of this warrants a spoiler please let me know and I'll fix it promptly.

Eczema 2008-10-10 05:24

Just rewatched the OVA by EnA. Just a question about the Kagami dream scene...

Spoiler for Just in case:

And the live-action Lucky Channel was okay, albeit a bit long. Akira's VA is cute, but it was weird putting a face to that voice.

Solafighter 2008-10-10 05:50

"Perfect". :cool:

Peanutbutter 2008-10-10 05:53


Originally Posted by Eczema (Post 1977061)
Just rewatched the OVA by EnA. Just a question about the Kagami dream scene...

Spoiler for Just in case:

And the live-action Lucky Channel was okay, albeit a bit long. Akira's VA is cute, but it was weird putting a face to that voice.

About that scene:


I thought Lucky Channel was alright. Even if you had seen the regular season, you've already seen the live VAs of Akira and Minoru. It's the fearsome foursome (and the rest) which we dun really get to see.

I gave it a 7/10 after the raw, keeping it the same after seeing subs. For one thing, it doesn't involve the usual sitting down and talking about topics which are endless and have no answers. And Yutaka and co was kept to that one scene.

phishn37 2008-10-10 08:10

Thank you for making a thread just for the OVA! These are no longer expectations or speculations.

Jintor 2008-10-10 08:22

I dunno. I think it really went overboard with the gratitous animuz references, but then, what do I know? D:

Somebody earlier in the thread said that it didn't feel very lucky-starish to them, and it was hard to tell why. I have that exact same feeling, though I can't isolate exactly why, but I suspect that I only really enjoyed it because it was more Lucky Star after a long hiatus. I don't know if I'll be watching it again.

Konata's dad needed more screentime, and I wish there had been some sembelence of a plot instead of "THESE ARE THE HOLIDAYS LET'S SEE WHAT WHACKY ADVENTURES THESE KIDS GET UP TO". Still, nyeh, it was still pretty cool.

Jebus though that Pet Shop of Horrors bit creeped me the fark out.

All in all, a 7/10.

Mecha_Trueno 2008-10-10 08:59

oh, didn't notice a new thread. actually i think the poll should be "which story was your favourite?"


Originally Posted by Peanutbutter003 (Post 1977102)
i) I want to unite/combine/*** with Konata.
ii) I want to cosplay.

Apparently, the key words involved is the first word which can be "Konata" or "anata" and the "blipped-out" part. I guess those who knows Japanese can explain better than me.

the first word can't be "anata". all we get to hear is "ko*******shitai"

Peanutbutter 2008-10-10 09:09


Originally Posted by Mecha_Trueno (Post 1977324)
oh, didn't notice a new thread. actually i think the poll should be "which story was your favourite?"

anyway...the first word can't be "anata". all we get to hear is "ko*******shitai"

Okay, maybe I forgot a few things or two. :heh:

Shiryuu 2008-10-10 10:49

The dog beating the geek girl and mmo/afk parts were the funniest of the ova. Pet shop was confusing.

So does it stop with the ova or is there another season coming (like School Rumble did)?

Narumi 2008-10-10 10:56


Originally Posted by Eczema (Post 1977061)
Spoiler for Just in case:

As we can't ever really know what Kagami is saying, it's more appropriate to leave it up to the viewer to speculate what she says.

risingstar3110 2008-10-10 11:04

Pretty enjoyable, still i would rather have a Karaoke ending than 6 minutes of live lucky channel.....

Spoiler for OVA:

10/10 for enjoyment and give me some good laugh. The ending was not worth to mention

Nukerjsr 2008-10-10 12:05

I've decided to change my original vote from a 9/10 to a 10/10. Thanks to me watching the OVA over and the acquirement of better subs, the charm has started to grow on me a bit better.

Still, I feel a little annoyed by the lack of Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori and Patricia, but that's the only issue I have. The 6th scene despite how weird it is, is rather interesting as the cover the references and how things are handled in a strange manner. The 5th scene feels a bit sweeter and more genuine. Probably though the best thing I noticed from the new subs was in the 3rd scene.

When Misao hugs Kagami and you hear her mutter: Love. So cute. ^_^

-Kh- 2008-10-10 12:33

I think it was a really good OVA. The best part was the MMO arc, seing Kagami play a game, and Tsukasa not knowing how to chat, was so cute.

And the Cinderella arc ended in such a fantastic way.

The Lucky Channel live was great too, the only thing that could have been better was Hiromi's facial expression, it wasn't very Akira-sama like.

Avacado Burger 2008-10-10 12:43

Spoiler for Dream:

This scene: Priceless. Especially with the drool coming off her mouth, and Tsukasa's reaction.

Looks like someone's been reading my mind..

Kagami~n 2008-10-10 14:06

I liked that scene too. :: icon point ::

I gave it a 9, mostly because I don't believe anything in this world is perfect....

.... except maybe my cat.

The OVA really didn't do anything below my expectations. I expected slightly better animation, got that. I expected a mindless tossing-together of random scenarios, got that. I also expected more fan-pandering and references, and we got that. Not that I really mind that stuff.

Though a lot of points made me laugh, nothing will top Tsukasa's reaction to Kagami's sleeptalking. That was so many points of awesome. As for what she really said, I'm as much in the dark as anyone, but that's okay. I'm a fan of Konata/Kagami, so I love loosely interpreted subtext. :P

That whole 'lost in the woods' thing was probably the most harrowing ordeal we've had to see the girls go through, if I think about it. Unless you count Comiket.

I've gotta find this new torrent. Till it comes out on DVD I'm gonna need something to go back to when the Lucky Star uge rises.

Ithekro 2008-10-10 15:14

Being alone in the wood is far less frightening than being alone in a crowd.

Vexx 2008-10-10 16:46

Gave it an "8" (very good) because it was all over the place in terms of hilarious to banal to oddly arranged (the dog skit might have fared better in the middle).
So for many of the "10" moments there was were enough "6" moments to pull it down.

rainnydaiis 2008-10-10 19:11

I gave it a 10 mainly for the fact, that I've been missing lucky star like a mad man. Also the fact that it just lived up to what I wanted to see. Especially the MMORPG part is one of the skits I enjoyed the most. Also hearing that it might really be turned into a game is news I'm still waiting on.

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