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Strygwyr 2008-10-13 19:04

Best tenkai star (Main character) in Suikoden (1-5)
Suikoden is one of Konami's best RPG series.

Who is the "Coolest guy"? in Suikoden series.

Exceptions: Hugo, Chris, and Geddoe. They are not tenkai stars but main characters.

Exceptions: Thomas is a tenkai star but not a main character.

DragoonKain3 2008-10-14 10:13

Frey... because he's the only one to have a female childhood friend and ended up with her. ;)

Strygwyr 2008-10-14 15:32

I like lazlo. though Suikoden IV wasn't a good game.

lovelysan 2008-10-14 17:05

I've voting for the Tenkai (cause he's not really THE main) you didn't put up anyways! Thomas! Yeah, the kid gets a lot of flak because of the odd pacing of his chapters, but I loved him.

Second place goes to Hugo though. 'Cause you know, he actually talks.

My favorite of the silent mains though is Frey. Mostly because he had so many dialogue choices that he didn't FEEL like a silent character. Not to mention the kid had great body language. I really felt for him.

My least favorite is Lazlo from IV. Though to be fair, I did kinda hate 4 in its entirety. Lazlo's never changing ANGRY GLARE face and the STUPID decisions that your forced to make him take just really soured me on him.

Strygwyr 2008-10-14 17:06

Thomas was the tenkai on Suiko 3 but not a main char.

lovelysan 2008-10-14 17:18

Well.... he's the main of his two little chapters. But yeah, I know, that's just a technicality and he really can't be considered the main of entire game. Heh, heh. Still, I though it was interesting to cast the Tenkai, the one who gathers people together, as someone who was NOT be the main. :heh:

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