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NoSanninWa 2004-02-13 02:45

Final VOTE!! Spring Banner Contest 2004
Welcome to the final round. The rules are simple. 1 grand prize winner and 2 runner ups will be chosen. The banner with the highest number of votes will be the grand prize winner. At least one of the 3 winners will be Spring themed and at least one will have some token of an Easter theme. A moderator (NightWish or Hellychan) may not win the grand prize. No single contestant may win twice (that means Sakura-chan). The poll will automatically close in 7 days. Without further ado, here are the contestants!

babbito2k - 1:
ChibiDusk - 2:
Hellychan - 1:
NightWish - 1:
Oneesama - 2:
PiGGiEE - 1:
Sakura-chan - 1:
Sakura-chan - 2:
skuld - 1:
squonjon - 2:

gravitation 2004-02-13 02:46

is it like before? where we get to choose 3?

EDIT : i will add my votes here when i get back from school ^_^

NoSanninWa 2004-02-13 02:49

No. You only get to choose one banner. Choose the one you most want to see at the top of our forum.

GATX207_Blitz 2004-02-13 02:56

Oneesama win!!! The kazoo club supports you!!!!

frowndog 2004-02-13 03:42

Is it just me or is Nightwish's banner a broken link? :confused:

EDIT: scratch that, its ok now :confused:

JustAnotherFan 2004-02-13 03:46


Originally Posted by frowndog
Is it just me or is Nightwish's banner a broken link? :confused:

Works perfectly fine for me.

frowndog 2004-02-13 03:49

:heh: it works fine now.

Hmm... Which to choose? Yonestly, you could take any of thsoe, make them the banner and i doubt anybod would have any complaints

Red HamsterX 2004-02-13 05:10

In any vote, vote JAppi!

JAppi didn't make it to this round. As a result, I am very sad. :(

nak 2004-02-13 05:25

FMA! FMA! it pwnz!!!

Flash_Squirrel 2004-02-13 07:48

Let's just vote for Sakura-chan. ^^

Thany 2004-02-13 07:51

I voted for Oneesama not because of the Kazoo but because of her banner is really GOOD ^^

Dark_Voodoo 2004-02-13 08:27

Shii 2004-02-13 08:31

Current State of the Vote:

Full Metal Alchemist is winning... :twitch: That's one of only two banners I absolutely couldn't stand seeing on the top of the forum until summer.

Babbito2k and Piggie are best bets.

Amy 2004-02-13 09:22

* votes PiGGiEE * and not cuz of that pic, I was gonna vote PiGGiEE anyway. ^^"

Slade 2004-02-13 09:23

Vote for the 12 year old :) .

<xellos> 2004-02-13 09:29

i voted for chibidusk, because i like most of his work

ato 2004-02-13 10:02

Aw, come on now all HnG fanboys'n'girls! We need Sai on the spring banner! Nothing like a ghost in a pointy hat to spice up ones dreary life :)

Cammie 2004-02-13 10:31

Ahhhhh! two of my favorite banners made it! This was tough! but I have to go with:

Hellychan - 1:

Vulkar 2004-02-13 10:50

wow. it really is tough to choose. They're are all very nice in their own way. :)

Caliban 2004-02-13 11:22

I'm happy that at least one of my favourite choices passed, I voted for Skuld's sig of course.

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