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monir 2008-10-24 11:04

Kannagi - Episode 1 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Kannagi, Episode 1.

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Vexx 2008-10-24 11:33

I threw it a "10" because of the impact the first episode had with the OP and ED, with the quality level of animation, with the performances of the VAs, and the direction and storyboarding.

The storyline itself wasn't especially innovative but the execution was terrific.

I tend to be a pushover for stories that incorporate spiritual elements of japanese culture, but this one might come close to Kamichu! in terms of pulling one into the story.

Eczema 2008-10-24 11:35

Gave it a 9. Reading a general plot summary piqued my interest in a "just for laughs" way, but I was pleasantly surprised by the humour, stunning OP and ED, and Nagi's exuberant character. I was instantly hooked.

Darknemo2000 2008-10-24 13:43

Rarely give a 10 but this one was a very strong episode with good animation and good VA...Overall a really really good episode.

JMvS 2008-10-24 14:03

Gave it a 10, for it effectively iniatiated the show. Altough the storyline left me a little unphazed at first, the astounding animation, and those funny camera angles and the punchline are what made me follow this serie.

And ED1 is definitly my favorite ED for this season!

RedFrame 2008-10-26 07:26

Spoiler for fresh offering:

Okashii 2008-10-26 08:42

She said "shinsen na shinsen", the first shinsen is "fresh" and the second shinsen is "offering". Since they sound the same, she thinks it's funny.


Originally Posted by RedFrame (Post 2014284)
Spoiler for fresh offering:

Nochgo 2008-10-26 21:49

Just watched the first episode today, and decided to stick with it. Animation was done really well, and VA were nice to listen to. I just hope the story won't become something like the opening animation @.@

Utau 2008-10-27 00:51


Originally Posted by RedFrame (Post 2014284)
Spoiler for fresh offering:


Originally Posted by Okashii (Post 2014426)
She said "shinsen na shinsen", the first shinsen is "fresh" and the second shinsen is "offering". Since they sound the same, she thinks it's funny.

her pun's aren't that bad :heh:

Vexx 2008-10-27 10:45

Ah but the *quality* of a pun is rated in how painful they are. :)

Kakashi 2008-10-27 14:50

Forced to watch this anime since it has the same first two letters as my username. I like the premise of a local Kami appearing in the modern world and having to see what has become of their creation and how the local people view them. I also found it interesting how Nagi reacts to modern phenomenon like TV, phones, and present day foods. :)

To episode 2!

Mushi 2008-10-30 01:51

I've watched this first episode 3 times now. First 2 was to see the difference in translation between fansub groups, third time because I just went to watch the OP real quick, but couldn't stop.

I am completely taken in by Nagi. She's absolutely delightful. I never though anyone would make eating taiyaki as adorable as Ayu, in Kanon, but I think Nagi has taken the cake.

Gave this one a 10 for all the reasons already mentioned.

Raniie 2008-11-05 22:41

Episode 1 by BS-J broadcast uses the true HD source and along with it are some scene corrections.

One very notable correction is during the telephone conversation scene.

Here's a few screencaps to compare:



Utau 2008-11-05 23:08

man i feel dirty looking at Jin's wet body :heh:

there seems tobe no change in Jin's though, Nagi OTOH had some improvements like her eyebrows, mouth and shirt.

momobunny 2008-11-07 23:18

I gave the episode a 9/10, I was pretty hooked throughout the whole episode and I adore Nagi. X3

The only parts I couldn't watch were the parts with the spiders... oh god... my phobia is so extreme that I can't even think about them without cringing, honestly I kinda screamed when I saw them on screen and had to skip the parts they were in or cover my eyes. ._.;

I plan on watching more though, I may start watching this regularly. ^^

nikorai 2008-11-08 20:59

Thanks a lot for the screens. There are some major improvements here.
I just started watching BS Japan myself. But honestly, I must say that I'd never notice the changes if it weren't for you.
Actually, first time I see 1080p. The image quality is something extraordinary.

At a side note, the recording I got features the new advertisement from Sompo 24, the famous car insurance company. It's that I'm doing a research on insurance markets at the moment. I now understand that we're decades behind japanese in technologies, services and marketing.

qwertyuiopz 2009-08-03 00:10


incube 2009-08-28 17:58

I never felt to comment on a single episode before but as many already posted, this one made a really strong impression.... the begining was really normal but then BAM, the sculpture planted outside, a girl coming out claiming to be some sort of god but behaving like a normal girl... and the ending... omg it was so epic! Gods... also need to use the toilet... LOL

Gave it a 10/10 ... xD

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