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Unstopped 2004-02-13 18:06

where can i find...
the opening of DAQ..ive been looking for days!!!!!

this is the info of the song: OP #1: "MeiQ!? - Meikyuu - MAKE*YOU" by Hayami Kishimoto (eps 1-21)

plz if anyone can get me a link or sumthing id be very greatfull.


ElvenPath 2004-02-13 18:16

The single is available for purchase at cdjapan.

Note: we don't provide links to mp3s.

Unstopped 2004-02-13 18:34

well i just want that one song.....i rlly dun want the hole album....anywhere i can DOWNLOAD that ONE song???

ElvenPath 2004-02-13 18:37


Originally Posted by Sway
Note: we don't provide links to mp3s.

You obviously missed my note.

2. Do not ask for other illegal materials either
Obviously discussions about getting any other illegal materials, such as Ripped Music CDs (such as Anime OSTs), ROMs, ISOs, Warez etc. are not allowed either. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted.

Thread closed

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