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Kuzuki-sensei 2008-11-01 18:42

Fatal/Fake Crucis
Fully Released as of October 24th, the sequel to what most people know as Fatal Fake; Crucis brings players a new tag team system. The cast of characters include Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and True Assassin who is unlockable at the end of the game's arcade mode. The list of masters include Kirei, Shirou, Sakura, Illya, Rin, and Souichiro. Also notable is that Bazette, Dark Sakura, Avenger, and Dark Saber can be playable with a certain game save file. Now the idea is to basically snuff out the enemy master. Both master and servant work as a team in order to do this, and while one plays as a servant, you can call upon the master for support with an assist attack, which of course is different for each master. When in control of a master, you're more vulnerable and risk losing the match, however, if dealt any damage prior to switching, the servant will gain some of its health back and the meter will increase gradually as long as you are under the control of a master. The health regen effect also works vice versa when in control of a servant. Some attacks can hit both master and servant even if a servant is under your control, but thats where command seals come in. There are 3 command spells at your disposal where as you can use it to call out your servant to get out of combos and the like and also vice versa when playing as a master. With a command seal and at least one meter, you can powerup your servant for a certain amount of time and you can either continue attacking with your heightened attack power, or if you have enough meter leftover , usually 2 or 3, you can pull out their Noble Phantasm to deal a devastating blow to your opponent. Thats about as far as game mechanics go. Netplay can be a little laggy at the start but the only reason this game is so laggy is because it demands a perfect sync. It looks for dropped frames, which causes lag. If it can’t find the dropped frame it disconnects. Though once it kicks in netplay is pretty golden. Regardless, this has already been made aware to the developers and they are in the process of making a patch to alleviate the problem.
A, a BRIGADE is building and were gathering recruits board by board to bring a netplay scene to this game! We've done some replays, found some bugs, we got contact with the developers for these bugs, guides, and some netplay troubleshooting! We're hella serious about this netplay and want people to join in! You can come to #Crucis off of Rizon on IRC and bring HYPE in your fists and your game face to the battlefield! Hmph, I'll be waiting........mongrels.......


Gameplay(along with some glitches and etc.):

Nei Tsukishime 2008-11-27 08:39

I only have the demo version so far, now downloading the full version...can someone upload a move list?

P.G. 2008-11-27 08:53

you know I've been waiting for crucis a few year/s ago since the last fatal fake. Hope in the upcoming patches they'll add a 3rd costume for everybody since only lancer,rin & saber had those extra costumes. and they'll made/finish the moves set for Saber Alt/Sakura.. too bad new patch won't load the other/extra char/stages ~for now.

shinobiknight0 2008-11-27 14:37

I'm already playing it. I love playing as Souichirou. Nei, in the full game there's a command list.

Nei Tsukishime 2008-11-27 14:48

Sure. I know that there is :P Just wanted to practice with this XD Anyway, most likely will have the game tomorrow.

Nei Tsukishime 2008-11-28 00:32

Aww, Illya is not even playable? :(

Nei Tsukishime 2008-12-02 11:53

Sorry for the triple post...but anyone knows where can i find the ending song?

Shadow Kira01 2008-12-02 14:49

Based on the official website's screenshots, the game looks really good. Unfortunately, the minimum system requirements to run the game is 2.4Ghz meaning I can't. The game seems to greatly resemble Fate/Unlimited Codes with an interface similar to the old MUGEN engine, but slightly better since its 3D graphics.

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