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xris 2008-11-08 09:32

Kannagi - Episode 6 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Kannagi, Episode 6.

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margafred 2008-11-08 10:00

ED image for this week

Spoiler for ED image for episode 6:

Haven't watch this yet,coz i'm still in the process of getting it.But just as i thougt,the story for today is about the cosplay cafe wahoooooo...

serenade_beta 2008-11-08 10:45

Pure comedy episode! This is Kannagi! Iya, iya, had a good laugh. :)

Spoiler for ep6:

margafred 2008-11-08 11:28

Okay now i'm done watching heh.

Spoiler for Episode 6 of Kannagi:

Burner of Anime 2008-11-08 11:37

Not seen yet.

However a fully stacked pic of Nagi is just wrong. :heh:

For the ED art. They are just going through the loli-moe style artist like in Uta~Kata :cool:. This time by the person who drew Kamichu.

m85 2008-11-08 15:26

Great episode! I've read the manga twice and even now I can still watch the episode again. If only all manga made such a good transition to anime. The staff is doing an excellent job. I can't believe I have nothing to criticize. I can now happily get back to work:).

Myssa Rei 2008-11-08 16:52

Absolutely hi-la-ri-ous episode, and pretty faithful to the manga chapters they were based on too. Poor Tsugumi though, since it's fairly obvious that Jin's reaction to Nagi is NOT what you'd expect in a brother and sister.

Westlo 2008-11-08 17:17

The maid chapter is my fav of the 11 chapters I've read and the anime version was a perfect adaption of it. The Akiba and Takako scenes were lolz (Are you a Fujoshi?) and the Jin and Nagi moments were nice, lol @ Zange @ the end.

Liked the piano version of the trailer bgm as well.

karinvampire 2008-11-08 18:36

love it one of the only animes that really follow the manga version of it.

Westlo 2008-11-08 18:52

You have to wonder how long they can keep up such an adaption though... considering the manga is still ongoing and at chapter 34 and the maid cafe was chapter 11...

blitz1/2 2008-11-08 20:28

Is pure heart a real visual novel?! XD

Myssa Rei 2008-11-08 21:36

The answer? An original ending or, (more likely) a Gekko ending that leaves things open for a continuation.

herbert 2008-11-08 21:40


Originally Posted by Westlo (Post 2042480)
You have to wonder how long they can keep up such an adaption though... considering the manga is still ongoing and at chapter 34 and the maid cafe was chapter 11...

Sir, you need visit manga thread to see what just happened in chapter 36 (if you don't fear of spoiler).

Midonin 2008-11-08 22:28

Spoiler for Episode 6:

Cinocard 2008-11-08 23:47

Ouch! I love this week image :D

Nagi and Tsugumi just own this Ep :D

Seravy 2008-11-09 03:02


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 2041784)
Hanaharu? Who's that...

Hanaharu Naruco - artist of Kamichu manga, and highly revered H-manga author (recent work - Shoujo Material compilation)

Utau 2008-11-09 03:46

quick post for..

Spoiler for ep.6:

i'm glad the anime is still going stro-- no.. infact, it's just keeps getting better and better.

another 10/10 this week :p

Raniie 2008-11-09 05:30

I had a feeling they would need to do Chapter 10+ [Intermission] as the fill-in, otherwise the start off would be a bit akward from the previous episode ending.

This episode got a 9.8 vote from me, round up to 10. Literally perfect adaptation of the manga. Actually, no, this version was done quite BETTTER than the manga. The manga of this chapter was a great read, but the performance by the seiyuu and the animation touch up really bring this manga chapter to life.

I haven't really laugh out loud this much from the previous episodes before, but wow, this episode was just great.

The single most beautifully executed key moment was:

-Tsugumi being called out and then quickly ran back to hide.

The rest of the entire episodes were all great as well. Especially seveal of the key moments in the manga were given extra care with animation.

However, there is just only one slightly disappointment I had in this episode. Nagi's payback prank on Jin was rather dull, even tho it did follow the manga, they failed to be creative with it. Tho I suppose it's a fanservice for people wanting to see Nagi with a D-cup.

Ottocycle 2008-11-09 08:06

If there's one thing I really approve of in this episode(and maybe the series in general), it's how the references were handled this time. IMO the blatantness had never worked for Lucky Star, and now it seems that they're pandering to the crowd who likes them a little more subtly.

Like that half-Haruhi-face, Miyazaki Hayao-sensei in the background and Nakahara Mai's little shoutout to Tanabe-san of the episode staff(though I don't know who that is, his name appeared in the credits).

Much, much better IMHO.

digi.amuro 2008-11-09 12:28

Really enjoyed this episode, even without subtitles. The interactions and internal monologue of Tsugumi during the first half were hilarious and the maid cafe was even more fun. Nagi is always enjoyable to watch and her shyness around Jin was so endearing. Jin reaction to Nagi was especialy interesting and it seems like some good character developments going on. I lol'd at Zange thru the end cuz her few scenes gave off this "you just got trolled" vibe to me. Cant wait till subs come out.

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