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mocxd 2008-11-09 23:27

mikuyon & similar
anybody familiar with this 4koma?

it looks really sugoi moe, and makes me wish i was in japan so i could JUST GO TO FREAKIN GAMERS and buy it.... :0

which brings me to my question... anybody know of a scanlation/scanlation in progress?

whats the likelihood that cool looking doujinshi like this, but that have no ero content, get scanlated? are there some go-to groups for that kind of thing?

another major one that comes to mind was that huge yotsuba& doujin anthology... seems like so many jewels are just kind of slipping through our (maybe just my) fingers xD

thanks for halpnig the noobs

im not totally sure if this should be in manga or fan-made creations, because its about doujinshi, but doujinshi from akibahara... so sorry if i made a mistake

mocxd 2008-11-10 23:23

ah sorry, maybe that didn't make sense

i was talking about a 4koma (, not .//hack4koma

in particular a 4koma called mikuyon (みくよん)

and actually i just found some images so i feel like an idiot

there's actually only like a few lines of text, and a scattering of soundfx in the whole thing, but i feel like it might be cool to have a translation of just those couple panels, which seems like something a tl could do in about an hour if they wanted to
robot idol girls r so moe

the other one was yotsuba festival (, which is a yotsubato doujinshi... this would be nice to have a tl of, if anybody knows anything about one

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