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gaguri 2008-11-15 05:15

Figure Skating Thread
Anime doesn't really go well with figure skating but hopefully there are some people still following the Grand Prix series. You can talk about any of the four disciplines (ladies, men, pair and ice dancing).

I'm only following the ladies and just thrilled to see my favourite skater Yu-na Kim sweeping her programs in both Skate America and Cup of China. She won Gold for 2007 and 2008 Grand Prix and I hope she will again in 2009. I disapprove of the judges penalising her for wrong edge and underrotation in CoC, but hey if 8 out of 9 judges (at least, from what I'm reading of their published score sheet) think so, it must be right : (. She still came first, but hopefully she won't make the same mistake when she faces tough competitions like her arch nemesis friendly rival Asada Mao.

Speaking of Mao, I just saw her clip of short program (she did Swan Lake) for TEB. I like Mao and her fairy-like grace, but her jumps unfortunately didn't go as it planned. Her spin combination and spiral were beautiful though. I can't see the detailed results on the scoring until the end of TEB but I bet she scored some good points from those. But she still received the highest points for program component and she will prove formidable once she fixes those jump blunders on her next performances.

And this is just something I found, which might be of interest to those into Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

*Short program links:
Yu-na Kim, COC, Danse Macabre
Asada Mao, TEB, Swan Lake

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