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ACE2003 2004-02-14 22:59

Princess Nine [Spoilers]
Okay, I recently watched all of Princess Nine and I must say that I was truly impressed on how the story was presented. Alot of drama along with a rich history of basball in Japan, not to mention that GIRLS were playing baseball!!! It was truly interesting right until the end.......

I am wondering if there's going to be another season, movie, OVA or something!!? I actually wanted to see them reach Koshien and win it all!! I mean that was really a wicked cliff-hanger when you looked at it. I have a small imagination. Well, do you guys feel that same way as I do about this. Speaking of which, has a girl team ever competed in Koshien?

Elfir 2004-02-15 00:33

I did a little information hunting right after watching P9 and couldn't find anything about a girl's team playing at Koshien in reality. Sucks 'cause I was hoping there was some historical basis at least.

And the only sequel/spinoff talk I've heard were jokes, like a spinoff based on Nene's magical girl story. A shame, since it's such a cool show.

microlith 2004-02-15 04:15

There's a radio drama CD, and a 3 volume manga. People have been pestering ADV to either get the radio drama translated/dubbed and released, or to get a 2nd season made.

The manga is pretty much the same as the show with an additional character (came after the TV series,) and as you can see was really short.

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