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asuki-chan 2008-11-20 20:43

if you were a animater what would you make
simple.please include the name,list 1 game and a few toys or something~enjoy,but don't get carried away:D oh! and also 1 character and age,name,and list apperence

Animepandafreak 2008-11-23 13:13

IDK.....wats your idea???

asuki-chan 2008-11-24 17:17

Electric chargei'll PM you

Animepandafreak 2008-11-24 20:02

kk ill b waitin :)

Miki7 2008-11-28 18:10

Nice question!! Something with action/ comedy like special A and romance but with a bit more...:heh: I'm a romantich girl you know xD...something with super power and love mixed :)

The 1 character have to be a girl(we're the best xD) eyes,black hair and white...she has a lot of courage and it's strong, age between 16 and 20, the name it's more difficult...sazara-san?;

The 2 Character it's a boy...a teasing and baka one...he hates sazara-san and she hates him...his name is nishikaido-san...age between 16 and 23, he's taller than her...more later they become friends...and what'll happen next? xD
Spoiler for psst:

asuki-chan 2008-11-30 10:27

oh i kinda reminds me of sailor moon(lol)

risingstar3110 2008-11-30 10:58

OK, if i ever be a director(or animator), i will develop two anime: one drama/fantasy/adventure and one comedy/romantic.

The fantasy will be about a guy who will be threw into a magic world, where he will fight as a hero, a shining knight against "vicious monsters", until one day, he realised that the "monsters" that he fought were actually a peaceful humanoid races which were oppressed by human ad on the verge to be wiped out.
The main character probably would be similar to Kei in Gantz, originally act like a jerk who want to show off his talent and be praised by the world, but have very strong sense of responsibility ad justice

The love story would be about a guy, who secret in loves with a girl he often see (and once or twice meet face to face) on the opposite train platform (on the way to school). That love motivates him turning into a better person. But when he passed the entry exam and enter the same school with her, he realises a huge problems: she not only has one, but has two other identical sisters. They looks and acts so similar, that the only way to knows who is who is by trying to get them to be together, where their personality then can be seen completely different. They also may have different habits (always forget umbrella, always drink soda, have really dry lip...) that can be used to distinct themselves (but not always)
So he (and us audience) will be on his(and our) quests to search out who is the girl he loves among the three sisters; who is the girl who secretly loves and confessed to him (but hide identity); and who would finally end up with him
(talking about that remind me of Donald Duck and his three identical nephews :D)

Animepandafreak 2008-11-30 11:51

I like your guys ideas, i got 1 now!

KK this is like an adventure/comedy/little bit of romance/action

well this girl named mia tiller and she's an full blood irish. And she has a awsome talent at inventing all these inventions. She most likely got her tallent from her dad all time champ of the great tech inventors cup. But her dad won't enknowledge her talent. Cuz in her family she's the only girl of 4 boys, and her dad just teaches the guys that sort of things. And says it's not the woman's place to invent it's an man's job. So when she turned 16 she, she left her small ireland village. To travel to learn the inventions and techniquies of the ppl of the world. She vowed she will take the cup from her dad. And every 2 yrs they have the great techn inventors cup in central europe, so she planning to prove her dad wrong when she wins the cup from him. They also have jr cup championships in differnet diversions, every few monthes.

Main chara.-mia tiller

i got a pic:D i drew!

asuki-chan 2008-12-03 15:08

A message to people here!
ok,i all of you will have great idea's.take time to think and don't be afraid to tell!iv had over a 100 veiw's,but half don't write.all of you have different idea's,different like the other half and post your idea!:D

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