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relentlessflame 2008-11-25 10:10

Tales of the Abyss - Voice Actor Appreciation & Discussion
The purpose of this thread is to discuss, critique and idolize the Voice Actor cast of Tales of the Abyss. Please remember that the discussion should center on their performances as professional voice actors and not on the show content (which can be discussed in the various Episode threads). Please remember this simple rule when critiquing a VA's performance or reading another forum member's critique:
  • Don't take it personally.
    In other words, you’re free to disagree with another person’s opinion, but don’t flame them if they offer a well written and well thought out analysis that differs from your own opinion. Keep it civil.

  • Voice Actors are human.
    Yes, it’s true. They’re human. Therefore, don’t just indiscriminately rip them and their work apart as if they’re inorganic objects. You don’t have to praise them non-stop, but be thoughtful in your criticism.
This thread might duplicate some discussion in the Episode threads, but it can also serve to demystify various VA roles, disseminate VA information (VA Bios, VA photos, etc) and provide cast information of various types as well as discussion about performances.

Shadow Kira01 2008-11-25 18:19

Tales of the Abyss feature quite a good number of seiyuu IMO:

Tear Grants - Yukana (C.C. - Code Geass)
Anise Tatlin - Halko Momoi (Seto San - Seto no Hanayome)
Jade Curtis - Takehito Koyasu (Millardo Peacecraft - Gundam Wing)

vspirit 2008-11-26 13:20

I'm a big-ish fan of Chihiro Suzuki. That guy really breathes life into all the characters he play. Speaking of him, here's an interview (split into 2 parts). The interviewer, incidentally, is Masaya Onosaka, seiyuu of Zelos. Real funny dude.

Spoiler for space:

yolin.shana 2008-11-27 10:36

Chihiro Suzuki <33

Anyway, did some research on Wiki and ANN...
Here's the list of characters showed so far and their seiyuu (with link to ANN page) :

Anise Tatlin : Momoi Haruko
Arietta : Yukino Satsuki
Asch : Suzuki Chihiro
Asch (young) : Tamura Mutsumi
Dist : Yao Kazuki
Dist (young) aka Saphir : Hino Miho
Duke Fabre : Nakano Yutaka
Gelda Nebilim : Nagayoshi Yuka
Guy Cecil : Matsumoto Yasunori
Ingobert : Taniguchi Takashi
Ion : Kobayashi Yumiko
Jade Curtiss : Koyasu Takehito
Jade (young) : Honda Takako
Largo : Genda Tesshou
Lorelei : Hayami Sho
Luke fon Fabre : Suzuki Chihiro
Luke (young) : Tamura Mutsumi
Mieu : Maruyama Miki
Mohs : Mori Katsuji
Natalia L. K. Lanvaldear : Neya Michiko
Nephry Osborne : Honda Takako
Nephry (young) : Kikuchi Yuumi
Noelle : Nakajima Emi
Noir : Uran Sakiko
Peony : Yamazaki Takumi
Regret/Legretta : Itou Miki
Spinoza : Naka Hiroshi
Susanne : Horikoshi Mami
Sync : Kobayashi Yumiko
Tear Grants : Yukana
Teodoro Grants : Kiyokawa Motomu
Urushi : Sugino Hiroomi
Van Grants : Nakata Jouji
Yulia Jue : Yukana
York : Oohara Takashi

Frailty 2008-11-30 11:06

Spoiler for kinda spoiler-ish... might ruin the anime:

just sayin :heh:

yolin.shana 2008-11-30 11:32

Want me to separate them? It won't really change anything...

vspirit 2008-11-30 16:44

^Hm...I think it will actually. It'll change in the way that noone can blame you for not trying to hide it, at least. =) So Frailty has a point.

yolin.shana 2008-12-01 09:48

Edited and sorted by alphabetical order =3

@Frailty : you should edit your post to add spoiler tags

Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius 2008-12-05 01:03

Huh?! Arieta VA is Yukino Satsuki?! That makes me really surprised!

Frailty 2008-12-05 11:54

DONE :nod:

yolin.shana 2008-12-06 03:35


Originally Posted by Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius (Post 2090138)
Huh?! Arieta VA is Yukino Satsuki?! That makes me really surprised!

Yeah, she acts quite differently from the other roles I've heard her do xD
Though the first time I heard her was as Arietta<3

@Frailty : thanks~

Mikachiru 2009-02-02 17:42

...I didn't know Yukana did Yulia's voice as well. O.o

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