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Skyfall 2008-11-25 10:53

Tales of... Merchandise (Figurines, Artbooks, DVDs, etc.)
Thread dedicated to the Namco anime and games Tales of... series related merchandise - including... art books, figurines, games, manga, CDs, OSTs, DVDs, Demon Fangs etc., or if you know where you can find such items, then please post here.

For music related items, please check the following sites:
If you can read Japanese, then you can also try:

Please Note: This thread is for official merchandise only, no bootlegs or cheap illegal imitations!

Nabiki Asakura 2008-12-14 13:26

Uou, i'm the first person posting in this topic :cool:

Yesterday I bought some ToA figures, just missing Guy and Jade(and Maybe Asch, but i'm not sure if he's in the set o_o')

the_firefly 2008-12-14 15:04

Kotobukiya made two figures a while back



Nabiki Asakura 2008-12-14 16:18


Originally Posted by the_firefly (Post 2107608)
Kotobukiya made two figures a while back


I want this Natalia too, but I need to find a place that sells it first _ _'

holyalexander 2008-12-21 16:25

wish they have bulk discount..
i want to buy all...

Cyz 2009-01-01 00:52

I went to Onicon not too long ago and I saw those figures. They were selling them, 7 pieces for 70 something dollars? Or maybe more than that? But I'm sure that it wasn't over 100. Anyways, I was going to get it but I have more stuffs to buy that time :heh:

Gundampilotspaz 2009-01-01 21:31

It's come to the point where I don't have room for more figures. Otherwise that Tear would be mine.

RWBladewing 2009-01-04 17:35

I've had that Tear figure for quite a while now, it's nice and pretty detailed but something has always seemed off about the face to me. It seems to be very difficult to find now though. I used to see the Natalia figure at a ton of different US-based retailers not even a few months ago, looks like most of those have sold out just recently too though.

Toyslogic has the trading figures posted earlier up for preorder, as well as a couple others like this chibi set with accessories and alternate costumes:

TheCaptain 2009-01-24 09:31

Where did you get these?? They look sweet and definatly worth picking up, should I check ebay?

Nabiki Asakura 2009-01-28 08:34


Originally Posted by TheCaptain (Post 2178541)
Where did you get these?? They look sweet and definatly worth picking up, should I check ebay?

Well, I've bought these figures in a store nearby my house, but maybe you can find in the E-bay too o3o

Mura 2012-07-18 08:11

The new nendoroids for tales characters are taking pre-orders now.

Milla looks so adaorable.:love:

Tetsu Aero 2013-01-26 08:04

ANyone know of any Tales of Rebirth figures?

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