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Buster 2004-02-15 12:30

DOS attack Feb 15, am
Jappi, or someone under that nym, was in the IRC channel this am, claiming that he was DOS-attacking the site and forums as revenge for being banned.

After a while of claiming what a powerful hax0r he was, he said he wanted to download some anime so he had to stop the DOS attack; that's when forums and the site again became available.

Jappi says he has a separate nym here that is not banned...can't you guys ban by IP?

Lord Raiden 2004-02-15 12:46

Ban his IP? We ought to just find him and turn him over to the feds. Jerk. If he's really doing that he's not someone who should enjoy freedom. Besides, if he was a really truely a good hacker he wouldn't need to stop the dos to download anime, because if he's dossing from his own IP, he's an idiot. That's the fastest way to get caught. Personally, I hope he does.

xris 2004-02-15 13:01

I'm closing this thread, not because it's irrelevant or a waste of time, but because it just will inflate JAppi's ego to see that he's being talked about. Clearly JAppi is just trolling on IRC just like he does here, and making use of the 30 minute or so downtime we had here on the forums and claiming it was due to 'his' DoS attack.

Thanks for posting Buster, while we have Mods on the channel, I wasn't aware of the <sarcasm mode on>dastardly and treacherous lengths<sarcasm mode off> our friend JAppi would go to vent his spleen.

Since I'm quaking in my boots (or even slippers), I'm going to extend JAppi's ban for another six days, after all if he's such an evil hacker to DoS attack us, I dare not let him back on the forum.

Nice going JAppi! You can work out for yourself which parts of the last paragraph is sarcasm or not :)

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