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cute 2008-11-27 02:01

Anyone playing highstreet5?
Hey there, I stumbled on a new game called HighStreet 5 the other day (I later found out its not so new in game speak). Just wonder if anyone is a current player. But anyway, I find it super player-friendly and good fun. Of course, I like it because it is free to play. Good graphics too all picture-perfect physiques that we mortals can only dream up.
Look at this gorgeous me:

But even this is not its drawing card; what I love most is its video-chat function because you can actually SEE your chat-mate in-game. I also hear some in-game social networking platform is in the pipeline. I wonder what it looks like a Facebook in the game?! God knows how it might transform gaming experience IF it does work like Facebook! Anyway, really looking forward to it.

P.G. 2008-11-27 03:44

hey I've been playing this. Well its actually quite entertaining like the Auditon dance game. what I love in this game is the funny interactions. I only played quite sometime If I feel I want to log-on nowadays. still sticked on lv11 thou.

here's my screenshot I post in the HS5forums, I think this was taken last month or so.

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