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Adamjt 2004-02-15 21:48

maybe have a anime Movies section?
greetings to all animesuki admins and viewers i was just wondering if you ever gave a thought to having a anime movies section on the site? :hmm: and i hope that you dont already have it and it turns out i am going slightly crazy :help: . And if not have a movies section then maybe have links to other sites that do? just one of the thoughts i had 10 minutes ago, well okay it was the only thought i had today....fine this week

JustAnotherFan 2004-02-15 22:04

Anime movies are listed on AnimeSuki as all other animes, as long as they are unlicensed. If it's a movie of a certain series then you find it with the series usually, if they are standalone then they have an extra entry.

If you want to discuss them then you can do in Fansubs Forum if they are fansubbed, or in DVD & Licensed if they are licensed. Or use General Anime Forum otherwise.

So: what do you miss? :)


Lambda 2004-02-17 20:20

The distinction between films and TV series doesn't seem terribly important to me, certainly not enough to warrant separation. Besides, there are OVAs too.

Adamjt 2004-02-19 18:38

well no it isnt really that big of a deal it's just that it would be easier to find the movies if they were in there own seperate section but no biggy

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