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HashiriyaR32 2008-12-03 05:16

(X360) Race Pro

RACE PRO is an upcoming race sim by swedish developer, SIMBIN, creator of the GTR series of race sims for the PC. This game will be the company's first console title, and is highly anticipated ever since plans for a 360 port of GTR2 got canned some while ago.
From what I've read so far, RACE PRO will feature content from both RACE 07 (itself an updated version of the original "RACE - The Official WTCC Game" that came out in '06) and the recently released GTR Evolution, plus 2 new tracks not present in either one (Road America and Mazda Laguna Seca). There will be a good range of cars to choose from, ranging from the Mini Cooper S JCW Challenge car, WTCC cars from past and present, production supercars, various Caterham CSRs, all the way to GT3, GT2, and GT1 class cars. 13 tracks will be initially available, including the 2 aforementioned American circuits. These include the Macau Guia ciruit, Monza, the Nuburgring Nordschleife, and more.
This is scheduled to come out some time in the latter half of January 2009. of the reasons I put this up was to make an informal thread of sorts for forum members who have tried or currently own a title from Simbin, or are very interested in it. I am a fan of the series, although I don't actually own a single title. I'm confident my desktop could run all of the titles up to RACE 07, but I never got them since I don't have a decent wheel. My first and only PC wheel was an old Thrustmaster NASCAR Sprint wheel, which I stopped using years ago. My other wheel is the Official MS 360 Wireless Wheel, and that's not going near my PC for now. A wheel I'm currently looking to acquire is Fanatec's 911 Turbo S Wheel, which is a X360-Compatible version of their regular 911 Turbo Wheel. It is currently the ONLY X360-Compatible 900-degree wheel that exists, since Microsoft's force-feedback technology is proprietary, wich is one of many reasons why Logitech's superb G25 wheel can't be used on the 360.

Anyway, enough of that for now. I want to hear YOUR opinion on this series. I, HashiriyaR32, now command you........TO LEND ME YOUR VOICE.

Shadow Kira01 2008-12-03 09:50

The graphics look great!! In the top 3rd image, isn't it difficult to drive at that angle? I mean.. You can barely seen the road ahead of you.

HashiriyaR32 2008-12-03 17:17

I can't actually give an accurate answer to that, since the only game I have that featured the Formula 3000 cars is Race Driver: GRID, by Codemasters, and that is not a sim whatsoever.

However, you can still the road ahead of you well enough to drive decently.

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