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shomazta 2008-12-10 17:26

Sakuran BOY DT
A flash anime titled Sakuran BOY DT (さくらんBOY DT) has been announced to air January 14th, next month, at 25:05-25:10 (0105-0110). Show will be broadcast weekly on Wednesday nights.

Sakuran BOY DT
さくらんBOY DT

The Geisha Tokyo Entertainment company has announced on Wednesday it is producing and airing Sakuran Boy DT, "Japan's first" Flash-animated television series about a local costumed hero character. The name of the character is a wordplay on the Japanese translation for "cherry boy" — the Japanese slang for a male virgin — and the Sakuranbo television station in the northeastern Japanese city of Yamagata. The story revolves around Satou-kun, an ordinary high school boy who transforms into Sakuran Boy DT to rescue the mayor's daughter from the nefarious secret society Zaou. Sakuranbo has posted a trailer online, and the 11 five-minute weekly episodes will premiere on this station on January 14.

Source: ITmedia via Moon Phase Comments

Official Site:


This series just sounds so freaking hilarious, and eps are only 5 min each, definitely watching this o= "Virgin Boy!" :heh:

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